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Natural pill, comes in chocolate

October 1, 2013
By Mari-Len De


cmxInnovative Life Sciences Corporation (ILS) has isolated the active ingredient in cinnamon cassia and has scientifically enhanced its concentration by 12 times to create a unique and powerful natural extract called CM-X.

"This is great news to medical and health experts as this could be the
first natural extract with the potential to have more significant
effects than pharmaceutical drugs for treating diabetes and
cardiovascular conditions,” says Dr. Maggie Laidlaw, Ph.D in Human
Nutrition. ILS has also completed a successful Health Canada approved
double-blinded, placebo controlled crossover human clinical trial on its
proprietary cinnamon cassia extract. The results showed CM-X assisted
in controlling blood glucose levels for diabetics and improved blood
sugar levels in two out of every three patients. This was in stark
contrast to the placebo, where the reverse was true with the diabetics
increasing their blood sugar levels and did not improve glucose
tolerance. CM-X can be taken in capsule form or in a delicious dark
Belgium chocolate called Heart Chocolate with CM-X. A person can receive
the recommended daily dose of 600mg of CM-X by taking one 300mg capsule
in the morning and a single 60-calorie serving portion of Heart
Chocolate with 333mg of CM-X as an afternoon snack. CM-X is effective
for treating people with high blood sugar levels.