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Neuro Boot Camp Part II

Maria DiDanieli   


May 9,
Edmonton, AB – As a follow up to last year’s Neuro Boot Camp Part I, True
Concepts is proud to invite DCs to Neuro Boot Camp Part II, to be held on June
2-3 in Calgary, AB. The event is approved for nine CEUs and will be held at the
Calgary Airport Radisson.

Part II will be
building on key concepts that Part I merely started….but if you were not able
to attend last year, don’t worry!! Part II will be re-visiting these concepts
and expanding on them. So what are the concepts?


behind the veterbral subluxation (VSC) complex for both DC’s and CA’s

Michael Hall, renowned educator and expert in functional neurology, will be
teaching on how to  measure function versus feeling in a patient and
 how  the doctors can  interpret the neurology  behind
these findings. As well, technique teacher and author Dr. John Minardi will be
reviewing the five components of the VSC and how this is related to clinical
practice for both the DCs and CAs. Finally, Brandi MacDonald will be
teaching the CA’s in a break-out session where she will present this
information from the perspective of a patient and a front desk staff.

Communicating a message that
focuses on neurological integrity versus pain 

a very simple approach to a New Patient exam and re-evaluation, all three
speakers will be discussing how to create a neurologically-focused  New
Patient visit using the functional information and objective tests, and how to
re-evaluate progress. Common questions will be covered, as well as role-playing
in this interactive session.

The Team Dynamic: Enhancing and
clarifying roles in a chiropractic practice

MacDonald will be increasing awareness of the focus of roles within the team.
What role does the DC play in a practice? How do we develop our chiropractic
assistants to help us spread the message and what does the patient need to
understand to create the results of health from the inside-out?

Broadening the perspective of
subluxation: understanding the reality of modern day stressors

is a complex health issue, and in today’s society we must be reminded about
where a patient is coming from, before they will understand where we want them
to be. Sunday’s session will see all attendees (DCs and CAs) learning together
from both Dr. John Minardi and Dr. Michael Hall.  They will discuss lifestyle factors, and
stressors that are complex and contaminate the healing environment.

weekend will leave your entire clinic team with an understanding of chiropractic
– and an awareness of the magnitude and importance of the job ahead of itself
in the millennium –but with the right tools to take on the challenge!

percentage of the net profits from this event will be donated to the Australian
Spinal Research Foundation. (

more information on this event, including registration details, please visit





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