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New device combines spinal decompression with laser treatment

By Canadian Chiropractor staff   

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The Spine Specialist Laser Assisted Spinal Restoration (LASR) procedure offers an entirely new method of treatment available for patients suffering from neck and low back pain. This revolutionary treatment device has been designed and developed by chiropractor, Dr. Mark Jagger, to treat those patients that have not responded satisfactorily to other traditional forms of therapy. The Spine Specialist simultaneously combines a precise and gentle spinal decompressive force with a specially designed Automated Class 4 Medical Laser Treatment Delivery System. It applies them in a scientifically specific manner and is achieving unparalleled results.

Dr. Jagger explains that “through injury and as your spine begins to age you can lose space between the spinal bones. This in turn creates some degree of compression on the joints and nerves, thus creating pain, disc herniation or bulging and ultimately leads to a condition called degenerative disc disease. I designed the Spine Specialist from a deep desire to find a more effective treatment for difficult spinal conditions than I currently had access to in the market as it existed.” 

Spine Specialist Laser Assisted Spinal Restoration helps to first re-establish the highest achievable amount of this disc space through a gentle and comfortable decompressive traction force which relieves pressure on the nerves and discs between the bones. Secondly, the Spine Specialist’s automated laser delivery system applies a simultaneous dose of class 4 medical laser to relieve pain and relax tight and spasmodic muscles thereby providing a more effective decompressive treatment. Under laser, the disc and other damaged tissues will be more permeable to rehydrating effects, have increased circulation and increased healing energy through an enhanced metabolism. This provides a better transfer of nutrients to the damaged cells and removal of waste products allowing a more complete healing of the damaged discs, ligaments, muscles and nerves. 


Dr. Jagger goes on to state “the reason the disc becomes compressed in the first place is that due to injuries or daily abuse, stretching and tears occur in its outer portions. It is these tears that allow the softer centre of the disc to, in effect, leak out and the disc to dehydrate. Look at it like filling a leaky tire and not patching the hole that caused the problem in the first place, you would just end up having to fill the tire again in a short time.” This simultaneous release of pressure from injured tissues and increase in healing capability helps reduce the chance for re-injury and currently creates the most complete non-surgical solution possible for chronic neck and low back pain. 

This therapy is completely safe, Health Canada Registered, and effective for a very high percentage of back and neck pain sufferers, according to Dr. Jagger. Ongoing research is being conducted at the Spine Specialist clinical facility in Mississauga and the company welcomes new candidates for this groundbreaking new therapy.

Watch Dr. Jagger explain the features and benefits of the Spine Specialist Laser Assisted Spinal Restoration device.

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