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New website offers multimedia resource on laser therapy

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laseruMarch 7, 2014 — LLC (LTU), based in Atlanta, Ga., has launched the , a content-rich online resource featuring the latest research, webinars, abstracts, videos and protocols related to laser therapy for pain relief, performance optimization and hundreds of other conditions.

"We have dedicated extensive time conducting research regarding
low-level laser therapy, and have created a single repository where
healthcare providers, students and consumers can learn about the latest
information and advances," said Anita Saltmarche, executive director of

"The site is searchable, updated continuously, and open to
anyone interested in the health-care science of the future. We would
also like to thank Multi Radiance Medical, a major sponsor and a global
leader in the field of laser therapy, for helping to make the site a


Subscriptions for LTU are available for a nominal fee
that covers the ongoing development of new protocols, webinars and other
high-quality information, LTU said.

Medical professionals can purchase a three-month or 12-month subscription, which includes unlimited access.

is an "A La Carte" option for consumers, educators and students who
want to purchase individual treatment protocols and webinars.

registration, medical professionals must upload a medical licence for
verification and authorization. All others can register without
authorization. Content can be accessed and downloaded without limit
during the subscription period, and all major credit cards — Visa,
Mastercard, Discover and American Express — are accepted.

taken extra steps to ensure that information is geared toward the right
level of laser knowledge and familiarity so the general public won’t
have to wade through overly technical information," Saltmarche added.
"We’re excited about the technology, and the yet-to-be discovered
advances that laser therapy will bring to the world of healthcare in the
near term and over the months and years ahead."

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