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Northwestern Faculty Contribute to MRI Manual

Maria DiDanieli   


23, Bloomington, MN
– Two chiropractic faculty members from Northwestern Health
Sciences University
were recently published in a clinically based manual for DCs about Magnetic
Resonance Imaging (MRI).

Renee DeVries, DC, associate
professor and dean of the College of Chiropractic, and Anita Manne, DC,
professor, contributed to, “Essential Musculoskeletal MRI: A Primer for the
Clinician,” which was published by Elsevier in January 2011.


Drs. DeVries and Manne collaborated
with Michelle Wesselly, DC, one of the book’s authors, on a chapter
titled, “The Cervical Spine.” Dr. DeVries also contributed to two other
chapters, “The Thoracic Spine” and “Magnetic Resonance: Principles and
Application to Diagnostic Imaging.” “A book like this is truly a collaborative
endeavor,” said Dr. Manne. “I had a small part, but it’s very gratifying to see
the final product.”

The manual was written so that it
offers a greater clinical value to readers than an average technical guide to
using MRI. “It’s intended for a practicing clinician because the book provides
an overview of normal findings and common conditions that would be presented in
a chiropractic office,” said Dr. DeVries. “I’m so excited. The book has a great
practical application and is designed to be usable because it’s organized by
regions—showing the common conditions in each individual part of the body.”

After more than eight months of work
and a year-long wait, Drs. DeVries and Manne are pleased to see the
fruit of their labor. “This is a really great feeling,” said Dr. DeVries.
“Holding the book, the final product, makes all the hard work seem long ago and

Visit Elsevier's site or Amazon to
pick up your copy of “Essential Musculoskeletal MRI.”


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