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Nutrition symposium brings chiropractic educators together

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July 8, Palmyra, WI — Standard Process, an organic whole foods supplements manufacturer, is focused on teaching the teachers with a nutrition symposium targeting chiropractic educators.

Fifty-five faculty and clinicians from chiropractic schools across the United States gathered together to share ideas and best nutritional education practices during the first Standard Process Inc. Whole Food Nutrition Symposium. During the event, symposium attendees discussed the benefits and values of combining nutrition and chiropractic therapies, practical applications of nutrition in a clinic setting, and the research initiatives needed to clarify the role that nutritional supplements can play in supporting a healthy body.

“The Whole Food Nutrition Symposium was a great opportunity to see my colleagues from the other chiropractic colleges and to learn about the ways that they are incorporating Standard Process into the classroom and clinics,” said Ralph Davis, D.C., dean of Life University’s chiropractic college. “It was obvious from the quality of the lectures and the outstanding farm and factory, that Standard Process is the clear leader in their field.”


By participating in the symposium, clinicians and faculty members were able to experience the whole food manufacturer’s plant and certified organic farm, and see how Standard Process supplements are created from seed to supplement.

“I truly feel honoured to have been a part of this training and have been reminded of basic principles and core beliefs,” said attendee Mary Unger-Boyd, D.C., associate professor at Logan College of Chiropractic. “This symposium included scientific information, research and a practical model for implementing whole food nutrition clinically. I feel I can provide consistency in my courses with the training and goals of our clinic system. I am excited for the schools and our students.”

Over the last five years, Standard Process has reached out to health care schools, investing more than $10 million into long-term educational outreach efforts to involve current and future health care professionals in the study of whole food nutrition. In 2013, Standard Process extended its efforts to include staff, faculty and clinicians of chiropractic colleges.

“We have had programs in place to encourage current health care professionals and students to study the vital role that whole food nutrition plays in achieving and maintaining health ,” says John Nab, D.C., director of professional development for Standard Process. “Now we are focusing on supporting our health care educators in the classroom.”

Nab and his team plan to reach out to more health care schools in the future, including acupuncture and medical education institutions. Standard Process will also continue its commitment to providing scholarships; nutritional education lectures on campuses; tours of the Standard Process plant and organic farm; and funding campus improvements.

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