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Ontario’s first Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner – more than just adjustments!

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Sarnia chiropractor
Dr. Kevin Matheson 
recently became a certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner
and believes he's the first in Ontario.

Dr. Matheson
completed a course, sanctioned by the International Chiropractors Association,
that involved more than 100 hours of study in Detroit. He says he came away with a broader
knowledge base to offer local patients.

"Every chiropractor does adjustments and tries to get his clients to
exercise," he says." But now we can talk about eating and nutrition
as well as stress and stressful thinking.”


"Now I feel I have a lot more to offer." adds Dr. Matheson.

Clients can now see Dr. Matheson for wellness consultations that don't
necessarily involve manual chiropractic therapy.

"This is a service that I believe is unique to the area," notes Dr.
Matheson. "I've always wanted to add more when I see a patient, and now we
can look at other aspects beyond adjustments."

Dr. Matheson has been practising in Sarnia
since 1986.

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