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Parker College Establishes Drugless Research Hall of Fame

Maria DiDanieli   


Jan. 16., Las Vegas, Nevada – Making its debut during the first annual Parker Gala at 2009 Las Vegas Parker Seminar, the Drugless Research Hall of Fame, founded by Parker College of Chiropractic, is an innovative recognition platform designed to showcase significant drug-free contributions in research worldwide.

Parker Seminars is the largest event in chiropractic and an ideal platform to highlight the efforts and achievements within chiropractic research.  The first inductee to the Drugless Research Hall of Fame was announced at the Parker Gala – the honour has been bestowed upon Dr. Ronald Rupert, Director of Research at Parker College.

The goal of the Drugless Research Hall of Fame is to recognize the often unheralded heroes of chiropractic research and honour them for their contributions to the field and for promoting drugless lifestyles.  These individuals dedicate their time, energy and effort to research for the benefit of the entire chiropractic profession.


It is imperative for the profession to support chiropractic research, which will, in turn, impact patient outcomes and the growth of the profession.  Research establishes credibility, plays a pivotal role in today's health care policy, and has a crucial role in issues of reimbursement.  The lack of research in many areas diminishes the proper role and compensation of the chiropractic profession.  The profession has a serious need for research, in areas spanning from the care of children to that of the aged, from treatment to prevention, from basic science to clinical science, and from visceral issues to somatic conditions, to name a few. 

Nominations will be taken in 2010 for inductees into the Drugless Research Hall of Fame. 

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