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Parker Seminars Italy 2010

Maria DiDanieli   


Nov. 5,
Genoa, IT – The Association of Italian Chiropractors (AIC) in collaboration
with the Parker College of Chiropractic presents Parker Seminars Italy,
2010, (PSI 2010) – “Extravagance in Post-Graduate Education”.  The event is planned for June 24-26 at the Melià,
Roma Aurelia Antica Hotel in Rome.

Parker Seminars has
become the fountain of post-graduate education in chiropractic and this will,
once again, be demonstrated at the Rome
event in June 2010.
speakers are experienced professionals and the three stream program ensures a
dynamic atmosphere of learning.  There
will also be a Chiropractic Health Assistant’s course that is not to be missed!



The event’s
special guest speaker will be Joe Dispenza, D.C.  Dr. Dispenza’s book, "Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind" connects the
subjects of thought and consciousness with the brain, mind, and body. Dispenza is also featured in the award winning film, "What the BLEEP Do WE Know?"

Twenty four ninety-minute sessions of quality continuing education will be
featured throughout the event.

Among the
speakers will be:

  • Fabrizio Mancini, D.C.,
  • Michael
    W. Hall, D.C., CCST, DABCN, FIACN,
  • Stephen
    P. Williams, D.C., DICS, F.C.C. (paed), F.C.C. (cranio), F.B.C.A. – Paediatrics
    and Craniopathy (SOT),
  • Dan
    Murphy, D.C., Eric Russell, D.C., DPhCS,
  • Nicole
    Lederman, D.C.,
  • Camille
    Eberle – Reagan, D.C., DACBSP, CCEP, CSCS,
  • Dominique
    Hort, D.C.,
  • Piet Seru, D.C.,
  • Carol Ann
    Malizia-Caporrino, D.C.,
    Ricardo Fujikawa, D.C., MD and
  • Gilles Lamarche, D.C.

credits apply for lectures – please check with your local associations.

Chiropractic Health Assistant

Titled “Empower your Staff", the complete, world-renown Parker Seminars CA
Course gives your chiropractic health assistants  the tools and inspiration that they need to
carry your practice forward!
The chiropractic health assistant course will feature three instructors offering
six ninety minute sessions in English and Italian.

The instructors will be:

  • Brandi
    MacDonald, CA,
    Camille Reagan, DC,
    Gilles Lamarche, DC.

health assistants are also invited to the English presentations of:
Dr. Joe Dispenza, "Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your


Fabrizio Mancini, "Teleology – The Science of Being Naturally Right"

All work and no play?  

The PSI2010
event will also include a Tapas Pool Party a not-to-be-missed highlight event! 

"Tapas Pool Party" is planned as a social starter to consolidate a
team spirit at the onset of your PSI 2010 experience. The party will offer:

  • Tapas and
    Not Only – a delightful summer menu which will satisfy your dining desires,

  • Sangria, Wine and beverages,

  • Continuous live entertainment,

  • Six piece Musical Ensemble & Featured Artists,

  • Dancing,

  • Professional "Aqua Show",

  • Inaugural Networking.

This festa is a must for all attendees as an
ideal way to open this informative event.

Venue information
A campus
is traditionally considered as the land and buildings which
constitutes a teaching institution. A broadened definition not only considers
the property, but the social
in which higher education is taught. The
Association of Italian Chiropractors has made an extraordinary effort to create
a Campus for Parker Seminars Italy. 

Not only will the conference have
the exclusive rights to the Melià Convention Center, but nearly all of the  270 four star superior Melià rooms have been
reserved for attendees. Another 80 low cost  rooms are available on the “Campus” in a
nearby three star superior hotel; these are to host assistants, students and
team practices. The AIC’s objective is to offer you and your team a ful limmersion
into the Parker Seminars’ experience, without external interference. Don’t
inconvenience yourself with alternative lodgings – just glide into the hassle
free atmosphere of “Campus PSI 2010”

Trade Show/Exposition

Exhibitors showcasing their chiropractic related products, are always an
part of Parker Seminars. We thank those who will be participating in PSI 2010.


For all conference details, registration
information, and exhibitor guidelines, please visit

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