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Patient education lecture draws crowd in Saskatoon

Maria DiDanieli   


March 5, Saskatoon, SK
– The Chiropractic Wellness Society of Saskatchewan
held a successful patient education session on Wednesday, February 27 in Saskatoon. Over 1000
patients came together to hear a presentation on health and wellness by Dr.
James Chestnut. Dr. Duane Pochylko, president of the Wellness Society organized
this very successful event.

Chestnut spoke to the packed TCU
Place in Saskatoon
for two hours. His message was clear – lifestyle
is the single most prevalent predictor of your health status. This was an
excellent opportunity to bring the wellness message to the people of Saskatchewan. Although
Dr. Chestnut did not spend much time speaking on chiropractic –  because, after all, the crowd was primarily
made up of chiropractic patients – he linked the message of maximizing your
genetic potential through healthy lifestyle choices, which includes
chiropractic care, along with diet, exercise, positive relationships and mental
attitude. His message was well supported by scientific evidence.

feedback, from the event, was very positive. As well, the message continues to
resonate with those patients who attended, many of whom are still initiating
conversations about the information Dr. Chestnut provided.


Chiropractic Wellness Society of Saskatchewan was created in the early 1990's and is a non-profit organization. The society – currently comprised of 52 members, all in Saskatchewan – is dedicated to helping its communities lead healthier lives.

Chiropractic Wellness Society has hosted several events for patients and the
public. Past society events have included a special presentation by
world-renowned author Deepak Chopra and a public lay lecture by Dr. Patrick
Gentempo, which was attended by over 1100 people. As well, the society has been
able to bring Dr. Dan Murphy, Dr. Hal Gunn, Dr. Neil Davies, Dr. Frank Sovinski,
and others, to speak to patients and the public.

more information on these and other events held by the Chiropractic Wellness
Society of Saskatchewan please contact

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