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Québec Ordre Works With Chiropractic in France

Maria DiDanieli   


24, Paris, France – Dr. Andre-Marie Gonthier,
president of the Ordre des Chiropraticiens du Québec,
discussed regulation and recognition of chiropractic,
as well as working within health systems,
in an
interview, today, broadcasted from Paris by “Radio France

Also participating in the interview were Dr.
Phillipe Fleuriau DC, president of L’Association Française de Chiropratique and
Dr. Roland Noirat, DC, president of the Fédération international de
Chiropratique du Sport, (FICS),from Switzerland.


During the interview, Dr. Fleuriau discussed that, in France,
chiropractic has been recognized since 2002, but is not yet regulated. 
The interview focused on discussing how chiropractic has become integrated
within health systems in Quebec and in Switzerland. 

After inviting Dr. Fleuriau to define chiropractic and
discuss its benefits, as well as what to expect when visiting a chiropractor
and how chiropractors are educated, interviewer Claire Hédon turned to Gonthier
– who participated from Quebec via telephone – and engaged him in an outline of
the process for recognition undergone by the profession in Quebec. Gonthier
described the integration of chiropractic into the Quebec health system as having been effected
within the changing landscape of that province’s health care for the past 15

Gonthier pointed out that, in order to have been accepted
by their colleagues in health care, chiropractors have had to follow a course
of “collaboration versus confrontation” with the other disciplines. 
Furthermore, he noted, the recognition of chiropractic in the province, and the
opportunity to work within the health care system, has resulted in great
advances within the profession.  

Now, Gonthier and the Ordre in Quebec, are happy to be
engaged in helping the profession in France to reach the caliber of regulation
required to bring chiropractic forward in that country as well. 

Dr. Noirat, pointed out that, in Switzerland,
chiropractic is also well integrated into the health system, noting that family
physicians will not hesitate to refer their patients to chiropractic, if they
feel that it is necessary.  When asked about chiropractic for athletes,
Noirat noted that it can prevent injury, as well help in achieving optimal

Fleuriau concluded the interview by discussing the current landscape of
chiropractic in France and the work his association is involved in, with the
French government, to enhance regulation and role of the profession, in health
care, in that country. 

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