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Report on Primary Health Care Teams for Canadians

Maria DiDanieli   


April 28, Toronto, ON – According
to a new report by the Health Council of Canada,
collaborative team-based care is a significant shift in the way Canadians are receiving their primary health care. As the Canadian healthcare system deals with an aging population and their chronic conditions, the use of primary health care teams is one that Canadians can benefit, both as taxpayers and people who use health care services.

The report, titled Teams in Action:Primary Health Care Teams for Canadians is a report discussing the state of teams throughout Canada, and will be released
on Wednesday, April 29.

As Canada's
health care system deals with an aging population, collaborative health care teams are an effective way to treat the increasing number of Canadians with chronic health conditions.


In 2004, Canadian governments committed to making sure that 50 per cent of Canadians would be receiving care from health care teams, rather than family doctors alone, by 2011. With this target just  two years away, governments must take a closer look at how health care teams are impacting primary care in Canada,
to expand teams for those who would benefit and to assess the use of teams for the general population.

The report will be released 12:01 a.m. EST on Wednesday, April 29 and will be available online at 
at that time.

Health Council of Canada, created by the 2003 First Ministers' Accord on Health Care Renewal, reports on the progress of health care renewal in Canada. The Councillors are appointed by the participating provinces,territories and the Government of Canada and have expertise and broad experience in community care, aboriginal health, nursing, health education and administration, finance, medicine and pharmacy.

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