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Running with a smile, following the events in Boston

Maria DiDanieli   


Apr. 26, St-Lazare, Que. – Centre chiropratique Dr.
Lepage will be joining in the Ottawa Marathon to raise funds for the Leucan
Monteregie – an organization based in Montreal, with offices throughout Quebec
– whose mission is to help cancer-stricken children and their families believe
in a brighter future.

will be raised in part from May 28nd to June 1st, during
which time it will be possible for general public to receive a complimentary
chiropractic examination including X-rays in exchange for a $30 donation to
Leucan. People can also "beat the clock" by guessing the time at
which Dr. Lepage will finish his marathon, for a chance to win one of three

run to stay in shape, to be stronger and to go faster”, says five-year old
Charles-Antoine Lepage. Since last December, the young St-Lazare boy and his
two older sisters, Juliette and Emilie, are running their second marathon, one
to three kilometers at a time, in order to run the last 1295 meters of this
journey the weekend of the Ottawa Marathon, on May 25th and 26th.
This feat is part of a Leucan fundraiser organized by the Centre chiropratique
Dr Lepage. 


the tragic events of the Boston Marathon hang like a cloud over this family
project as well as others running in the Ottawa Marathon.

everyone, we were deeply touched and disturbed by the Boston bombings”, says
Dr. Patrick Lepage, a chiropractor who will be participating in his fourth
marathon in Ottawa in less than five weeks. “For us, these big running
gatherings are family events. They are great celebrations of health and
accomplishment. Along with the victims and those affected by the recent
bombings, what saddens me the most is that each one of the 42 000 runners
who will be in Ottawa at the end of May will inevitably have at least one
thought of what happened in Boston and fear the possibility of this also
happening in Canada one day.”   

Halvorsen, Ottawa Marathon director, published a press release on April 17th,
mentioning that the safety measures will be re-examined in preparation for the
weekend of the upcoming Ottawa races: “With the Ottawa Marathon and Tamarack
Ottawa Race Weekend on the horizon, be reassured that every measure will be
taken for a safe event. In the coming days and weeks, there will be a review of
security protocols with the Ottawa Police Service to ensure the safety of
runners and spectators.”

anyone who has experienced a major running event, it’s obvious that good
spirits and joy are part of such gatherings. “People who participate in running
events are generally positive and optimistic. Let’s hope that runners will keep
crossing the finish line, smiling or in tears, but for the right reasons”, adds
Dr. Lepage.

more information on the Ottawa Marathon, please visit To participate in the
fundraiser, call the Centre chiropratique Dr Lepage at 450-455-9822 or visit
For more information regarding Leucan Monteregie, please visit

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