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Sale of Axiom DRX-9000 suspended in Canada

Maria DiDanieli   


June 30, Vancouver BC – Health Canada has suspended the license for sale of the Axiom DRX-9000 in
Canada, effective May 5, 2010, due to the manufacturer's inability to substantiate claims of the machine's
efficacy. Health Canada has noted that no safety-related incidents, regarding this device, have been

Health Canada recently requested evidence from Axiom to support the claims of success in pain 

reduction, but the manufacturer did not respond to the request and the license to sell this machine in

Canada was suspended as of May 5, 2010.

In British Columbia, the College of Chiropractors of British Colubia (CCBC) has been in communication

with Health Canada to understand the implications of this decision and to determine the propriety of

continued use and sale of this equipment.

The CCBC confirms that registrants who purchased an Axiom DRX-9000 prior to May 5, 2010 may

continue to use this equipment subject to jurisdictional bylaws. However, Health Canada's suspension

of the licence means that an Axiom DRX-9000 cannot be sold after May 05, 2010. This includes the sale

of used equipment purchased prior to May 05, 2010.

CCBC has asked its members to conform to Health Canada action in this matter by providing proof of date

of purchase of the Axiom DRX-9000 and immediately discontinuing the use of any marketing materials or
patient information including website content that alleges efficacy of treatment using a DRX-9000.

CCBC notes that as the manufacturer could not/did not provide evidence to satisfy Health Canada of the efficacy of the 

machine, continued use of any claims of efficacy would be considered in contravention of the Health

Canada decision to suspend the license for the machine.


All jurisdictions are encouraged to address
this matter with their own members, in accordance to their own bylaws and
requirements, if they have not already done so.


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