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Scoliosis month at UQTR

Maria DiDanieli   


Oct. 3, Trois-Rivieres, QC –
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières is proud to present “November is Scoliosis Month!” in collaboration with Dre. Louise
Marcotte and Posturetek.

Intended for chiropractic students,
but also welcoming other health care professionals, this series of activities
will guide the attendees through the diagnosis, classification and treatment of
scoliosis in order to move the patient, pediatric or adult, toward the best
clinical outcome.


The event will unfold in two
formats, namely platform presentations and hands-on workshops.  The presentations are: a review of the
general features of scoliosis; and a review of literature and treatment options
provided in orthopaedics, given by orthopaedic surgeons from Ste-Justine’s
Hospital in Montréal.  Practical
workshops will be focused on: scoliosis screening procedure and the use of the
scoliometer; scoliosis-specific postural evaluation;  X-Ray procedure and marking; curve
type-specific chiropractic adjusting.

The goal of this series is to make
chiropractic students more comfortable with some basic notions of scoliosis and
provide them with an easy, step-by-step best clinical practices guideline so
they know what to do, where and when to refer their patient with scoliosis,
pediatric or adult.

This will be the first installment
of this state-of-the-art event, as it will be become available to all members
of the chiropractic profession, as well as chiropractic colleges, from
coast-to-coast. Chiropractors are spinal experts and their scope of practice
should also include the management of scoliosis!

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