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By Barbara Eaton DC   

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Can you recall a time in your life when you were faced with a difficult circumstance and paralysis set in? On the flip side, can you remember a time when you overcame your fears and obstacles with unsurpassed triumph?

Can you recall a time in your life when you were faced with a difficult
circumstance and paralysis set in? On the flip side, can you remember a
time when you overcame your fears and obstacles with unsurpassed

While on a coaching call, I related progress in the professional world
to my 15-year-old son’s life. Let me share the “Samson story” with you,
I said. I’d like to, now, share this story with you, the reader.



Samson is a complete perfectionist. Bless his heart – he never wants to
disappoint anyone and thus proceeds with great caution. He is
risk-averse, which has saved him in some situations but in other
scenarios, has been detrimental. Can you relate?

On Jan. 1, 2011, we went ATVing with friends to one of the glaciers
near our home. This adventure challenged even the most experienced ATV
driver. The trails were covered with thick ice and flowing glacier
water. During our ATV adventure, we came upon a glacier river that
presented a daunting obstacle. The only option . . . cross it!! Samson
was filled with fear and trepidation.

But, you see, in contrast to Samson, my husband and I are both very
Type-A, and actively pursue risk and adventure. This has propelled us
to create situations for our kids where their comfort zones are pressed
to the max. It’s in these extreme scenarios that magic happens for our
kids and their belief in themselves. The results are nothing short of

We told Samson that, while his emotions were normal given the
circumstances, they represented fictional outcomes and, thus, he was
not permitted to be governed by F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing
Real). He had to trust us and follow our clear directions regarding the
task at hand.

Samson lined up his quad on the ice shelf and gave it a little gas,
thereby dropping the front end of his ATV into the frigid water below.
His quad was nearly perpendicular to the ice shelf. “Gun it!” we
shouted. (When in doubt, give it lots of throttle – that’s our family’s
motto.) Samson “ripped it” through the river only to hit an equally
steep shelf on the other side, give it more power and shoot up and over
the shelf.

Let’s review the steps demonstrated in this success story:

  • Overcome fears by trusting someone with experience.
  • Embrace being pushed outside of the comfort zone
  • Take immediate action, which results in turning what seemed to be impossible into triumph.

Our 15-year-old son is a more confident and stronger young man now than
he was prior to shrinking from the impossible. He squared off with fear
and won!Sure, we all could’ve backed down and missed out on the
opportunity for Samson to experience more of his optimum potential, but
why? Just because he was afraid? Nonsense!


This story has many parallels to our lives as chiropractic entrepreneurs.

There are those individuals who simply maintain status quo and, on
occasion, take action towards minimal improvement. Playing it safe has
its place but not as a standard in life. In today’s world, those who
play it safe get washed ashore by those who are creating the
tsunamis. Have you noticed?

There are those who say, “Heck, yah, Barb, push me to the max! I’ve got
the greatest gift to share and I’m worthy of the extraordinary!” They
are the ones who conquer the glaciers – they take the tools and
strategies available to them through a variety of excellent sources,
and leverage them to the max. As a result, they attract droves of new
patients – retaining a very high percentage of them – and live life all
out! They are the ones who truly embody our chiropractic philosophy of
optimum abundance!


So, what makes one person jump first and plan their landing on the way
down while another never even gets close enough to the edge to view the
bottom? What’s in the hearts and minds of those who grab life by the
horns and press the limits at every turn?

I think that much of it has to do with unyielding drive and
determination. Although these may appear to be personality traits that
you either have or don’t have – and as a result you might be at a
disadvantage from the get-go – I believe that unyielding drive and
determination can be learned and adopted, in a sustainable manner, as
part of your own persona. Repeated experience has taught me that
anything is possible . . . if you will just commit and consistently act
in a manner consistent with your very best!

We are each capable of so much more than our current status! When we
couple our unyielding drive and determination – even if newly developed
– with the support, tools, and attitude to really go for it – magic
happens! Again, with these tools in hand, I have experienced that
anything is possible, 100 per cent of the time!

For example, when we have a new patient come into our offices, this new
practice member may originally think that just getting out of pain is
enough. When we’ve deeply connected with them; effectively and
consistently shared the principles of abundance and optimum living via
the chiropractic lifestyle; and helped them create their vision of wow
– their lives change forever and they want to bring others along with
them for the journey.

They live out their potential and we enjoy ultimate fulfilment and satisfaction!

I am calling upon passionate chiropractors from across the globe, who want to fulfil their “Samson story” to seek out the tools that will lead them to achieving more than they ever thought was possible.

I’m curious – is 2011 your year to live out the impossible? •

Dr. Barbara Eaton is the Head Coach and Dean of Achievement at She and her team help chiropractors and their support
staff, worldwide, to achieve their practice goals.

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