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Build Healthier Communities: A WINning combination.

14The triad of practitioners at the Wellness Institute of Niagara (WIN) in Niagara Falls, Ontario, works together to educate, inspire and provide treatments – through drugless therapies and preventive health care – for those who come to their clinic. The collective effort arises from chiropractor Dr. Ernie Bagnulo, licensed naturopathic doctor Laura Imola, and registered massage therapist Denise Botbyl.

Husband-and-wife team Bagnulo and Imola, founders of the centre, wanted to offer exceptional and comprehensive care to people seeking maximum health.


Specifically created to be warm and inviting, the clinic’s decor is intended to foster a positive atmosphere in which people feel welcome and supported the moment they enter. WIN’s policy is to treat all patients with kindness, respect and dignity, in recognition that experiential factors are paramount in the healing process. This contrasts with conventional medicine’s crowded waiting rooms and pressured, time-constrained appointments.

Dr. Bagnulo combines chiropractic with acupuncture and Active Release Techniques (ART). A graduate of New York Chiropractic College, he is also currently an instructor in McMaster University’s Contemporary Medical Acupuncture program. With various therapies and modalities, each chiropractic visit is geared to the patient’s needs and concerns.

Dr. Imola incorporates nutritional coaching, homeopathy and traditional Chinese medicine in her naturopathy treatments, promoting better health and the prevention of chronic illness.

Registered massage therapist Denise Botbyl gets involved with soft tissue concerns related to occupational stress, motor vehicle accidents, athletic injuries, etc., that stem from the standard North American lifestyle. The restoration of structural balance is pivotal in her treatments.

Though individually effective, WIN practitioners operate symbiotically, and patients appreciate the multidisciplinary possibilities for getting their health on track. A person experiencing persistent muscular issues can find chiropractic and/or massage therapy to be of great value. However, since the inflammatory process can be modulated through stress management techniques, nutritional choices and specific natural remedies, the patient might also benefit from adjunctive naturopathic treatment. While chiropractic and massage therapy work on the structure, internal physiological balance can be addressed through naturopathy.

The goal of the practitioners at WIN is to facilitate a healthy foundation, individually and collectively, in the awareness that healthier people build a healthier community.•

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