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Story contest offers $3,000 value grand prize

Maria DiDanieli   


Feb. 24, Dallas,
TX – Take a minute to submit your
story and you will be eligible to win a grand prize worth $3,000 in the new
Parker Seminars Story Contest.

As you may have heard, after selling more than 500,000 copies, Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic Soul is now out of print. In response to popular demand for a
practice-building follow-up, Parker Seminars has retained the services of Don
Dible to serve as editor of
Back to
Health and Wellness,
a volume intended for the public as testimony of the
benefits of chiropractic
. Mr. Dible is the
author/editor/publisher of more than 60 non-fiction books including fourteen
compilations – one of which is in the Chicken Soup series.



The primary objectives of Back
to Health and Wellness
will be to
enhance the professional image of chiropractic and the contributing
chiropractor while encouraging people to recognize the wisdom of having regular
chiropractic care and pursuing a complete wellness lifestyle.


Where appropriate – and to provide incentives to readers to keep
turning the pages – stories that include a touch of humor, or tear duct
stimulation, will be most welcome. (Note that the book will also feature a full
dozen, professionally-prepared, chiropractic cartoons.)


After an initial review of all story contest submissions, a
group of 200 semi-finalists will be assembled from which a panel of chiropractor
Story Contest Judges will choose the winners. Parker Seminars will award all
prizes in exchange for non-exclusive publication rights to the winning stories!
No financial commitment or minimum book purchase whatsoever is required to
participate in this contest.



Each contestant is invited to prepare a single, true,
chiropractic-related, testimonial-type, short story (1,000 words max), written
for an audience of chiropractic patients and prospective patients.


Stories should be submitted to Don Dible, Series Editor, DMD
House, 29925 Rose Blossom Drive,
Murrieta, CA 92563 or emailed as an attachment to .


Story preparation can be in Microsoft Word or Corel Wordperfect –
electronic submissions would be preferred. 


At the beginning of your story, please provide complete contact

including daytime and evening phone numbers along with your
email address.


Receipt of all submissions will be acknowledged; no stories will
be returned to authors.


Story submission deadline is May 1, 2010!


Prize List


First prize will be 200 copies of Back to Health and Wellness: Feel-Good Stories from the Heart of
to be published later this
year, pending decisions from the new Parker Seminars story contest!


Second Prize will 80 copies (worth $1,200) and third prize is 40

copies (worth $600).


All remaining contest winners will receive five copies of Back to Health and

Wellness (worth $75).


For further details, or if you have any questions, please
contact Dr. Gilles LaMarche at 214.902.3483 (CST) or by email at

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