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Student exchange between Parker U. and Mexican universities

Maria DiDanieli   


April 26, Ecatepec, Mexico – In continuing with Parker University’s dedication to
bringing chiropractic services to the people of Mexico, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini,
president of Parker College of Chiropractic, and Dr. Eulalio Francisco Lopez
Milland, rector of the Universidad Estatal del Valle de Toluca (UNEVT),
recently signed a five year agreement to implement a chiropractic student
exchange program.

UNEVT is a public
university located in Toluca,


“This program is going
to have a tremendous impact on our students and the students of Parker,” said
Milland. “It will also provide more chiropractic students to care for the
health of the people in our community.” 

Dr. Mancini and Jose
Angel Fernandez Garcia, rector of the Universidad Estatal Del Valle de Ecatepec
(UNEVE), also signed an agreement extending their established exchange program.
The program gives Parker students clinical experience while learning Spanish
immersed in Mexican culture. In turn, UNEVE students who participate in the
exchange program receive hands-on experience at Parker
University’s campus in Dallas and the chance to
practice English skills.

"This is an extension of the existing program
for Parker and UNEVE and we’re so glad to be able to carry this forward with
UNEVT,” said Dr. Mancini. “I’m looking forward to watching the Parker students
who take advantage of this opportunity and getting to know the UNEVE and UNEVT
students who come to Parker.”

The Secretary of
Education for the state of Mexico
has pointed at the current student exchange program between Parker and UNEVE as
a model for other exchange programs. From this model, six additional
chiropractic student exchange programs have been created in Latin

“Having been born in Colombia, it’s been my dream to expand the
benefits of chiropractic in underserved countries in Latin
America,” said Dr. Mancini.

Dr. Mancini was
instrumental in helping establish UNEVE’s chiropractic program—the first
institution in the world to offer a Spanish-taught chiropractic program. More
than 180 doctors of chiropractic have graduated from the program since its
inception in 2001.


For further information, contact: Stacey Kjerstad, public relations officer for Parker University,
at 214.902.3449 or by email at

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