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Teeter DFM Inversion Table for Chiropractors

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dfm-supine-armstretch-1006Jan. 28, 2009 – Teeter,
the world’s leading supplier of high quality, precision-engineered
inversion products since 1981, announces the availability of their
clinical model DFM Inversion Table.

motorized inversion control allows the clinician to gently and
gradually introduce inversion to virtually any patient.  With
adjustable knee bolsters and arm supports, the Teeter DFM is designed
to accommodate a wide range of patients.  Its gravity lock ankle
clamp system with extended handle provides maximum ease-of-use and
security, and the DFM’s intelligent design allows patients to be
treated in either supine or prone positions.

fully synchronized, motorized control allows angle adjustments to be
made in increments as small as a single degree. While the DFM will
invert to a full 90 degrees, new patients will start experiencing the
benefits of inversion at angles as slight as 20 degrees.


find that they are able to deliver much more effective adjustments to
patients who have first been decompressed by inversion.  The DFM
delivers progressive decompression, the benefits of which are
supported by numerous studies indicating that inversion relieves many
types of discogenic-based back pain. Inversion also aids in
rehydrating intervertebral discs, relaxing muscles, realigning the
weight-bearing joints, and stimulating the flow of the cardiovascular
and lymph systems.

DFM comes with an Implementation Guide with detailed information on
how to fully integrate inversion into a chiropractic practice,
including suggested treatment protocols for acute, sub-acute, and
chronic conditions, and instructions on how to treat patients new to

more information on the Teeter DFM Inverted Decompression unit,
please contact Scott Logan, (800) 847-0143, ext. 245, e-mail,


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