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Texas-based chiropractic clinic takes injury treatment to new level

By Canadian Chiropractor staff   


Jan. 27, 2014 — "Chiropractic care is a crucial component of an active, balanced health-care strategy," said Flower Mound, Texas-based chiropractor Dr. Gordon Payne.

ProForm blends chiropractic, therapy and exercise into treatment plans which allow people to have lasting results and a strategy going forward to avoid the same road bumps.

Payne opened his practice in the Flower Mound area to fill a void. "I
saw a bunch of cookie cutter chiropractic offices and felt like patient
care and results would be higher under a more active model. So far, that
has been absolutely true," explained Payne.


Before he opened
ProForm Clinics, Payne found chiropractic in Flower Mound to be very
clinical. Most of the chiropractors in the area make the patient
experience very similar to what goes on in a doctors office.

wasn’t the type of practice I wanted," said Payne. "The ProForm office
is an open concept, we designed it to look more like a training room
than a white-coat-required doctor's office."

ProForm also boasts incredibly speedy recovery times for its patients and their injuries.

always bothered me that most area chiropractors focused on extending
your time in the office so they can milk your insurance policy," said
Payne. "I want to encourage a community of active people who want to
recover fast and live a pain-free lifestyle. We like to get people back
in their game as fast as possible."

"Payne’s approach is on
point," said Dr. Patrick Bodnar, a key mentor in ProForm Clinics and the
director of clinics at Parker University. "ProForm Clinics found a way
to model excellent chiropractic treatments that focused on patients'
injuries and their desire to stay active. That’s exactly what patients
are looking for."

Over the last few years, people in the Flower
Mound area have rekindled an interest in exercising, proper nutrition,
and healthy lifestyle, according to Payne. "We’ve seen about 35 per cent
more patients in 2013," he said. "We typically see quite a few new
athletes in January."

"Most of the bad injuries we see could
have been prevented," said ProForm chiropractor, Dr. Brooke Savant. "The
worst thing you can due is nurse an injury. If you think you hurt
yourself, the best thing to do is come in and get it checked out."

Despite minor injuries, Proform wants to shatter the misconception that exercise regimen has to stop when one gets injured.

always so surprised at how many of our patients stop working out when
they get a minor, treatable injury," said Payne. "With proper treatment
and rehab, you can easily work out other parts of the body to stay in
shape while you heal."

ProForm also offers to communicate
directly with area trainers, nutritionists and medical doctors to
coordinate patient recovery when needed.

The doctors at Proform
Clinics specialize in the evaluation and non-surgical management of
sports injuries and painful musculoskeletal conditions. ProForm doctors
are trained specialists in sports recovery and performance techniques.

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