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The Life West 33-City Tour

Maria DiDanieli   

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Aug. 22, Hayward, CA – Life Chiropractic College West introduces its
33-City Tour, a mobile career-night event the aim of which will be to bring
information to prospective chiropractic students in cities across North America
and in Singapore.

In a time of great change and opportunity, the world needs more
chiropractors. The U.S. Department of Labor has reported that there is a need
for 20 per cent more DCs by 2018.

To meet this demand, Life Chiropractic College West is going out
on the road to find the next generation of chiropractors.


We are embarking on this ambitious and exciting project between
September and January and will be speaking with 1,000 prospective students.

Life West President, Dr. Brian Kelly, and his team will be
presenting a chiropractic career night in 33 cities throughout the US, Hawaii,
Canada and Singapore.

out the website for
dates, locations and times.

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