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The Thera-Band® 2010 Innovation Challenge

Maria DiDanieli   


Aug. 17, Akron, OhioPerformanceHealth / Hygenic Corporation has launched the Thera-Band 2010 InnovationChallenge, a unique and creative program that enables healthcare professionalsto propose new product ideas that could innovate their industry. Plus, throughtheir participation they could generate funding for their industry’sassociation.

“Our success as a company is based on thesuccess of the rehab professionals we serve. They have always been a source ofgreat ideas to improve outcomes. The original idea behind the Thera- Bandresistance band was actually brought to us by two physical therapists back in1975. They were using our bulk dental dam product to enhance the effectivenessof their patients’ rehabilitation programs and wanted us to develop additionalresistance levels,” stated Ethan Pochman, Director of Marketing and ClinicalSolutions. “We hope this challenge uncovers some great new products for theprofession, while generating funds for three very worthwhile organizations. Wethink it will be a lot of fun too.”


Program Overview: 

•Event is open to all healthcareprofessionals (active or retired). 

 Submissionsonly accepted online and between August 15, 2010 and October 31, 2010. • For the first 25 submissions, PerformanceHealth/Hygenic Corporation will make a charitable donation of $100 in the healthcareprofessional’s name. These 25 individuals can choose from one of the followingorganizations: American Chiropractic Foundation Foundationfor Physical Therapy NATA Research & Education Foundation

 Visitwww.thera-bandinnovation.comforcomplete details and submission form. Performance Health/Hygenic Corporationwill evaluate all submissions. If interested in the idea, the Company will contact the healthcareprofessional for further discussion.


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