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The Thompson Seminar Series

By Canadian Chiropractor staff   

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The Thompson Seminar Series and certification program has been designed
by Dr. John Minardi to optimize and standardize the method in which
Thompson Technique is delivered around the world.

The classic technique
has been updated with new criteria and adjustments, specifically
designed to fill in any gaps that existed previously, and scientifically
advanced with the latest research in the fields of biomechanics and
neurology. Thus, each practitioner will learn how to perform the
technique correctly, and understand why.

The seminar series has added four assistant instructors, each with their
own unique specialties, to optimize the learning environment.
New equipment, research and teaching mediums are being introduced to maximize the learning experience.
Certified Thompson practitioners are required to attend one Thompson
Seminar Series every two years to keep their certification current and
stay up to date with the latest advances in the techniques.


Visit the Thompson Chiropractic Technique for more details.

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