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The TLC-1000 Series Therapeutic Medical Laser

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tlc-1100_theralaseOct. 21, 2009 – Theralase Technologies Incorporated has
recently introduced the TLC-1000 System and its new accessory, the TLC-1100
Theralase Roll Stand with boom arm.



The TLC-1000 System

  • Best-in-class
    depth of penetration in tissue of up to 4 inches accomplished by super-pulsed
    905nm near infrared laser diodes.
  • Superior
    performance due to dual wavelength 905nm and 660nm laser diodes activating both
    the ATP and NO cellular pathways of the cellular mitochondria.
  • Highly
    effective patient outcomes due to proprietary and customized clinical
  • High product
    reliability due to ongoing clinical research and full medical international

The new TLC-1100 Theralase Roll Stand with boom arm is a
robust and ergonomic laser stand engineered for ‘hands-free’ treatments.

About Theralase

Theralase Technologies Incorporated manufactures and
distributes high quality therapeutic medical laser systems to healthcare
professionals.  The technology of Low
Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is designed as a non-invasive and non-toxic
therapeutic treatment for the safe and effective treatment of:

  1. Acute
    and chronic pain
  2. Muscular-skeletal
  3. Wound
  4. Knee and joint restoration 

Theralase’s super-pulsed dual laser technology has been
ranked as one of the finest therapeutic laser technology platforms in the world
by independent researchers due to its proven ability to activate numerous
cellular pathways, simultaneously. Activation of these cellular pathways by the
Theralase laser leads to a host of benefits for patient conditions, including
elimination of pain, reduction in inflammation, new tissue growth and new nerve
axon growth.

Theralase provides its customers with complete turn-key
systems including: the equipment, treatment protocols, marketing strategies,
on-going clinical and technical support and full comprehensive certified

For more information, visit or call toll
free 1-866-843-5273.

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