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The Vitality Depot Sponsors Supplies to Haiti

Maria DiDanieli   


Jan. 25, Concord, ON
– The earthquake in Haiti
has devastated its community with a possible 200,000 deaths and record numbers
of people homeless and starving.  The Vitality Depot is coordinating a
private relief effort for Haiti
in the name of chiropractic.  We have organized a private plane to fly to Haiti from the Bahamas and hope to fill it with
medical supplies, tarps, food and other necessities.

Our flight is now officially designated a Bahamas Red Cross flight
and has therefore, received special landing permission in the "no
fly" zone.  The Bahamas Red Cross will pool their medical supplies
contribution with ours.  This is an extraordinary opportunity to help directly.


 We are looking for donations
to help purchase the supplies, so we can load the plane with as much
as possible.  Family members of The Vitality Depot and a Red Cross
official will personally assure that the items reach the right people for maximum
The airplane will land in Cap Haitian, and from there the medical supplies will
be taken by the local Rotary Club to the facilities of the Doctors without
Borders and the food and blankets will go to the Red Cross in Haiti. 
This has all been arranged through extraordinary efforts by our Vitality Depot

One hundred percent of your donations will go directly to this
effort and The Vitality Depot will transfer the funds on your behalf.  All
support staff has volunteered for this.  Your support goes directly to
help the Haitian people.

We expect to provide immediate assistance.  The Vitality Depot will front
the support, but we need your assistance to fill the plane.  Please help
us to represent the chiropractic community to assist Haiti 
in this time of dire need.


how you can donate: 

·        Call The Vitality Depot at
866-941-8867 and pay the donation by credit card or pledge a check.  If
you call after hours and we don’t answer, please leave a message.




·        Email at with your pledge.



·        Visit online at make a
pledge at The Vitality Depot Haiti Relief.

The Vitality Depot
wishes to thank the chiropractic community for helping with this.

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