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Update on Alberta trial

Maria DiDanieli   


Lawyers for Sandra and David Nette, an Alberta couple who've launched a $500 million class action lawsuit against a chiropractor, the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors, and the provincial government, are asking other patients to step forward and join the fight.

The firm of Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP, which is handling the suit, has
set up a toll free number and website to inform the public of the
connection between chiropractic neck adjustments and stroke and are
asking patients to come forth and join the suit.  The lawyers acting on behalf of the Nettes
aim to prove that vascular incidents resulting from adjustments are
mush less rare than the profession would have the public believe.

Lawyer Philip Tinkler says, "We're urging patients who have received chiropractic neck
adjustments and who have gone on to experience the signs and symptoms
of stroke, even in days or weeks later … to visit the website to
learn more about the connection between neck manipulation and stroke.''


"This claim alleges that people are not being properly informed  of their health conditions or of the benefits and risks of the manipulations chiropractors propose to do,'' adds Tinkler.   "The provincial government is included as a defendant because it has failed to regulate chiropractic services, in particular neck manipulations offered by chiropractors in the province."

 The half-billion dollar law suit has been launched as a result of allegations that a chiropractic adjustment caused a stroke which has left Sandra Nette paralyzed.  She currently lives with "Locked in" syndrome and says that she was never informed that this might be a complication of her chiropractic manipulations. 

The statement of claim contains allegations that have not been proved in court and no statement of defence has been filed.

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