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Update on Paul Attalla and the Atlantic Rowing Race 2008

By Canadian Chiropractor staff   


As of February 11, 2008,  Dr. Paul Attalla, our chiropractor from British Columbia, and sole Canadian entry in the 2008 Atlantic Rowing race, has 536km left to go before he reaches Antigua in the West Indies.  His progress has been fairly steady, and quite admirable when one considers that he is rowing solo. 


Dr. Attalla enters a few words into his blog every day.  His account of the journey is, to say the least, inspiring and if one tries to imagine some of the obstacles and perils he has faced, one is left in awe of his determination, endurance and patience. 



At the very beginning of the journey – which initiated from San Sebastian, La Gomera in the Canary Islands in early December – Attalla was faced with a leak in his boat.  This leak challenged his strength on many levels – he needed to keep water out of his boat, he needed to find and repair the source of the leak and he needed to accomplish all of this while battling the infernal sea-sickness that beleaguered him in the early days of the race.  There was talk, at that time, of possibly abandoning the effort altogether.


But, Attala persevered and was finally able to fix the leak and overcome his nausea.  After a few days, he began to eat again and things seemed to be looking up!


Winds, high waters and even storms, at sea, have challenged Attalla’s safety as have the Norwegian ships that continually appear in the waters, perhaps a little too close for Attalla’s comfort.  But despite these factors, there have been moments to make the endeavour a special meeting of man and nature.  Whales, of various types, have presented themselves to Attalla as have fishes and birds of various sizes and colours.  Attalla’s earliest follower – a sea turtle that decided to hitch a ride on the boat – was a source of hope and amusement to the 37-year-old father of two. 


Almost daily, Attalla thanks his family and many friends and supporters who have helped make the race possible for him and his vessel, The Spirit of Fernie.  His words of gratitude and love bring a wonderful element to his blog and his thoughts of home make the reader cheer him on as he nears his destination.


To read more about the race, Dr. Attalla’s progress and more, please visit


Keep at it, Dr. Paul – the profession in Canada is behind you all the way to the finish! 


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