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Vitality Depot extends offer for support for philanthropic endeavours

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Communities across Canada have raised money for charity with the help and support of their local clinics and companies like Vitality Depot.

Vitality Depot reminds the profession that the company provides complimentary products and samples to give away to all participants as a CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiative and is open to requests if you are planning an event soon.

A wide variety of chiropractors, physiotherapists, and massage therapists have been working with their local communities to help raise millions in fundraising for local causes.
Vitality Depot was thrilled to sponsor the ProActive Centre with Biofreeze samples to help the Rankin Cancer Run, which exceeded all expectations. With the help of over 15,000 runners, the event managed to raise over $1M for cancer research.


Last month, Vitality worked with ‘Soles in Motion’ for their annual Sole Sisters Women’s Race, aimed at raising funds to support Girls Gone Gazelle Run Club, an empowering and free program for girls 8-13. “We are so proud to lend a helping hand in events like this. It’s very important to keep young girls motivated and promote self esteem at such a critical time.”, says Ilham Punjani, Vice President Marketing and CFO at Vitality Depot. Ilham supports various youth-led, global movements for girls’ rights and gender equality and is keen to hear from you if you are a clinic working on a women’s social event or any other worthy cause in Canada. Vitality would be happy to support you on your philanthropic endeavours.

Just last week, Vitality supported theDurham 1/4 Marathon on 21 July and the best part is that all participants not only had some great fun, but they all also helped the homeless and street youth to find a renewed hope for their lives.

Vitality Depot is always willing to support events hosted by clinics in their communities. Local chiropractors, physiotherapists, and massage therapists can apply for event support at or call directly on 1-800-461- 0100 to get more details.

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