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WFC announces new corporate associate members

By Submitted by: Linda Sicoli Manager Communications & Meetings WFC   


October 2007, Toronto – The World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) has announced its newest corporate Associate Members for the third quarter of 2007. These three companies represent a variety of vendors providing high quality chiropractic services, equipment, and supplies bringing the number of WFC corporate members to 83 — its all-time highest number.

As an association of associations, the WFC promotes and supports the chiropractic profession through the national associations of chiropractors in its 86 member countries while encouraging the establishment of chiropractic standards for education, licensing, research and practice world-wide.

The WFC welcomes these new corporate Associate Members who recently joined to support the mission and goals of the WFC. We deeply appreciate these companies joining our community.


1. K-Laser

Laser Therapy Products, LLC, based in Franklin, Tennessee is the exclusive North American Distributor of the K-Laser Class IV Therapeutic Laser. The K-Laser's innovative technology synchronizes high power dual infrared lasers in a single beam, producing a dynamically powerful, effective solution for pain management and rehabilitation. Extensive training, product support and marketing materials combine to make the K-Laser a valuable, affordable, and easy-to-implement solution for any office. Officers Dr. Richard Albright, CEO and President, Dr. Perry Nickleston, Senior Vice President of Product Integration, Dr. Phil Harrington, Senior Sales Manager and Training Supervisor, decided to join the WFC at the Silver Level while exhibiting at the Florida Chiropractic Association meeting in Orlando. See

2. Graston Technique®

Graston Technique® is an advanced method of instrument-assisted soft tissue treatment technology which utilizes stainless steel instruments to provide clinicians with a mechanical advantage in detecting/treating/resolving acute and chronic soft tissue dysfunctions. Based in Massachusetts the Graston Technique is used throughout the world and taught at several chiropractic colleges. Dr. A Richard E. Vincent, DC, its Executive Vice-President/Clinical Director and President Mr. Michael Arnolt are long time WFC supporters who decided to further support international chiropractic with a Bronze Level corporate WFC membership in July. Website address:

3. Visual Odyssey

Helping chiropractors around the world dramatically demonstrate the short and long term consequences of the subluxation has been a three decade commitment of Visual Odyssey and founder Bruce Goldsmith. From Neuropatholator wall charts that provide instant impact, to comprehensive software that utilizes eight languages (with more being added) and over 900 graphics and animations for ease of practice building, Visual Odyssey produces state of the art patient education. Visit to see how fun and easy it is to generate referrals and retention. Company president Mr. Bruce Goldsmith exhibited at the WFC Biennial Congress in Portugal and became a Bronze Level corporate member during the FCA annual meeting. The company’s headquarters are in Temple, GA and it ships world-wide.

4. Leander Health Technologies, Inc.

Dr. Dennis Anthony, DC, of Lawrence, Kansas is the new owner and president of Leander Health Technologies, Inc. (formerly Leader/Leander). World famous since its original 1981 design by Leander Eckard, DC, who invented a motorized version of the Thompson/Cox/McManis tables, the Leander tables allow various techniques to be used while the spinal column is in motion and less resistant. Less force is needed for the Dr. to obtain excellent clinical results with less trauma to the patient and to the chiropractor. Well-known as manufacturers of one of the best tables in the industry, this company has long been a WFC supporter and under its new leadership joined the WFC during the FCA in Orlando as a new member at the Bronze Level. More info will be available soon at

5. Perspectis, Inc.

Perspectis Inc., headquartered in Toronto, Canada is the manufacturer of Back Vitalizer ™, a 5-in-1 neuromuscular and biomechanical back pain solution that helps sedentary patients hold their Chiropractic adjustments better and longer by helping them relieve lower back pain, improve sitting posture, enhance core stability, strengthen lower back. Distributed in the USA, Canada and Australia, Back Vitalizer also helps sedentary people prevent lower back injuries, and can be used in offices, cars, trucks, airplanes and at home. Company president Mr. Conhua Li is a former corporate member who rejoined WFC at the FCA at the Bronze Level. Its website is:

6. The American Chiropractor (TAC) magazine.

TAC is one of leading trade journals serving the entire profession, and co-sponsors with the WFC of an annual technique symposium in Panama City, Panama. Billed as “America’s most read chiropractic magazine,” TAC is owned and operated by two generations of a chiropractic family with Dr. Joseph Busch and Jaclyn Busch Touzard handling the editorial content. A major source of news, articles and advertising, TAC is one of the few chiropractic publications to earn BPA world membership. TAC has been a WFC corporate member for a few years and increased its commitment by upgrading to the Gold Level of membership in September. Information about the TAC and the upcoming February 2008 technique symposium can be found by calling 1-888-369-1396 or at

7. Aquamed Inc.

AquaMED is proud to represent the most powerful dry hydrotherapy bed in the world. With a strong focus on research and development, AquaMED guarantees the most advanced technological features available. Its dry hydrotherapy beds combine the healing benefits of water, heat and massage in a single modality and allow the user to remain clothed and comfortably dry throughout their treatment. AquaMED is a brand of JTL Enterprises, located in Clearwater, Florida. JTL was developed in 1989 to manufacture new and innovative products that bring comfort, relaxation, and pain relief to people all over the world. In August President Paul Lunter announced his decision to renew its WFC corporate membership and upgrade its support to the Silver Level.

WFC President Dr. Gerard Clum sends his personal welcome:

"The profession is growing around the globe at an unprecedented rate. The World Federation appreciates and values the support of so many outstanding organizations around the world. Your support enables us to continue to develop the profession as a stronger, integral part of international healthcare. Each contribution enhances perception of chiropractic maturity and reinforces the structures that are emerging. We thank you for doing your part of the evolution of our profession."

A full list of the WFC associate members, both corporate and individual, along with detailed information about the WFC and information about joining can be found at the newly-redesigned WFC website

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Linda Sicoli, Manager, Communications & Meetings, WFC
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