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World Spine Day – October 16

Maria DiDanieli   


October 3, Toronto – The World
Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) has announced that World Spine Day is right
around the corner.  DCs are invited to participate
through initiatives that raise awareness of the issues surrounding spine

"Straighten Up…and Move”

Created by
Dr. Ron Kirk, the “Straighten Up…and Move” program has been endorsed, and
adopted, by the WFC, and translated into several languages.  Chiropractors can use this program to teach
their patients simple and quick exercises that will help improve posture,
stabilize core muscle groups, prevent spinal disability and enhance health.
Visit the WFC website ( for free
downloadable materials and more information about this program.


Communicate, teach, support

World Spine
Day is a great way for chiropractors to leverage their position as primary
health care practitioners to bring awareness of spine and overall health issues
to their communities.

By making information
and literature available, chiropractors can teach their patients, staff,
families and neighbourhoods about spinal disability prevention and maintenance
of good health.

are well positioned to initiate and support community efforts dealing with nutritional
habits, the importance of exercise and movement, smoking cessation and a host
of other health promotion issues.

fundamentally, chiropractors can become recognized as “the source” when it
comes to issues dealing with spinal health in people of all ages. Educating the
public on spinal safety and injury prevention in sports, back-pack and other
load-bearing activities, gardening techniques and many other daily actions should
be a priority for all DCs.

The various
provincial chiropractic associations across Canada, as well as the Canadian
Chiropractic Association, make materials available to their members to assist
DCs in their public education and outreach efforts. Members are encouraged to
visit the websites of their associations. 
The WFC also has a host of programs available through their

Many Canadian
DCs have been quite creative in building their own community outreach
programs.  Initiatives have involved visiting
schools, partnering with local businesses to organize seminars, networking and
talking to other local practitioners (for example, MDs, physiotherapists,
naturopaths, massage therapists, etc.) to name a few.

With each
new effort, the chiropractor emerges as an indispensable expert in spinal
health, and a knowledgeable source on overall wellness. As well, more members
of communities across Canada
will come to benefit from the training, evidence-based body of knowledge, and
experience that DCs  have.

public outreach and support for spinal health initiatives is a win-win
situation!   On this October 16, DCs
across Canada
are invited to participate in raising awareness in their communities on the
importance of  spinal health, injury
prevention and safety. 


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