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5 tips to improve your practice visibility online

By Jeff Quipp   

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Digital marketing is a term that is becoming more and more important for professional service providers such as chiropractors. It’s critical to leverage the tools and resources available to bolster your online presence, drive traffic, capture leads and generate more clients to grow your business. And having a digital marketing strategy is one of the most cost efficient ways to do this.

Here are five ways you can focus your digital marketing efforts in order to produce better results.

1. Content is key
you feel you’re lacking content that drives eyes, the first place to
search for inspiration is your own website. What questions do you get
asked in your chiropractic practice but don’t already have a web page
for? Are clients asking about treatments you don’t currently list on
your website? Chances are, there are some gaps between the information
on your website and the questions you get on a daily basis. Those
inquiries are opportunities for new content by way of answers.


you likely have web pages devoted to the important keywords that you
are targeting, but there is an opportunity for you to also target some
of the less competitive keywords that people search.

You can
identify these content opportunities in two ways. The first is to create
a (free) Google Adwords account and use the Keyword Tool within. This
will let you search for particular terms, find related searches being
conducted, and determine the competitiveness of the terms and their
search volume. The second option is to hire a digital marketing agency
that can conduct much more in depth research and find new opportunities
to pursue.

2. Blog with authority
Blogging establishes you as
a credible thought leader in your profession, as well as an engaging
personality that can help you stand out from your competition. The
presence of a blog also improves your search engine rankings.

you’re already blogging regularly, you can focus your efforts on making
your blog content more informative and thought provoking. Rather than
thinking of a blog as a platform for promotion, look at it as a vital
way of providing added value for your readers (potential or current
patients). A great way to do this is by creating resource posts that
provide essential information. For example, have you encountered new
treatment techniques that have improved patient outcomes? You could also
write about what clients should do in-between treatments, or what
symptoms to look for before making a call to see a chiropractor. These
types of posts also have a much longer shelf life than other topics.

3. Define ROI and measurement
sure you are defining your metrics properly. Having your website
achieve top ranking was once a priority. But that doesn’t necessarily
result in business. Having many followers or likes on your social media
channels might look great. But those optics also don’t necessarily
translate into clients. Ultimately you want business, you want leads and
engagement, not optics.

4. Brand is important
Remember, you
are a brand, not just a business. Building that brand means increasing
awareness, lead generation, and ultimately, the bottom line. In the
digital marketing space, branding is critical. You want people to search
for you and your practice by name because the more that people search
for you by name, the more importance and authority search engines like
Google attribute to your website. The result? Better performance in
search engine rankings and higher brand visibility.

Ways to help
your efforts include remarketing ads, banner and button buys, and
boosting your social media presence by leveraging the channels available
to you (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) in creative and impactful ways.

5. Importance of online reviews
review sites such as Yelp are increasingly the go-to resources before
making a purchasing decision. You likely depend on these sites too
before deciding on a restaurant. And sometimes, you may check out what
others are saying about you. The amalgamation of ratings and
testimonials is becoming a highly trusted gauge for potential clients
looking to determine whether you provide the value and the service.
Encourage your patients to leave reviews and be sure to extend thanks
when they do.

If you’re looking for ways to start driving more
traffic, generating more interests, and ultimately growing your client
base through digital marketing efforts, these are five great ways to

jeffquippJeff Quipp is an expert on digital marketing. He is the
founder and CEO of Search Engine People Inc. (SEP), Canada’s largest
digital marketing firm. SEP has been on the PROFIT 100 ranking of
Canada's Fastest Growing Companies for the past five consecutive years
and named one of PROFIT Magazine's 50 Fastest Growing Companies in the
Greater Toronto Area. Follow Jeff on Twitter at @jquipp or connect with
him on Google+.

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