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August 20, 2022
Which leisure activities are linked to lower risk of dementia?

Patient CareNewsHealthWellness

August 4, 2022
Nature nurtures human well-being

Patient CareNewsResearch

August 1, 2022
What allegations of Alzheimer’s research fraud mean for patients

Patient CareFeaturesCase StudiesClinical

July 16, 2022
A step in the right direction: Failures in facial pain and the importance of the first step

Patient CareNewsCase Studies

June 26, 2022
Improved performance on cognitive tasks while walking

Patient CareNewsHealthWellness

June 24, 2022
Could ‘travel therapy’ help mental health and wellbeing?

Patient CareNewsResearch

June 23, 2022
Hair-raising research: Scientists find surprising link between immune system, hair growth

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June 15, 2022
Vitamin D deficiency can lead to dementia

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May 27, 2022
Sidelined by SIBO

Patient CareNewsWellness

May 20, 2022
Higher antioxidant levels linked to lower dementia risk

Patient CareFeaturesClinical

May 16, 2022
Gene therapy shows promise in treating neuropathy from spinal cord injuries

Patient CareNewsClinical

May 14, 2022
What causes repeat urinary tract infections?

Patient CareNewsHealthWellness

May 11, 2022
7 risk factors predict heart attack in young women

Patient CareNewsCase StudiesHealth

May 9, 2022
Dietary fibre doesn’t affect everyone the same way

Patient CareFeaturesResearchWellness

May 6, 2022
A boom in fitness trackers isn’t leading to a boom in physical activity – men, women, kids and adults in developed countries are all moving less

Patient CareNewsClinicalWellness

May 4, 2022
Stress, anxiety and depression during pregnancy may hinder toddler’s cognitive development

Patient CareNewsClinicalHealth

April 30, 2022
Seven hours of sleep is optimal in middle and old age, say researchers

Patient CareNewsCase StudiesClinicalHealth

April 29, 2022
Atherosclerosis: How diseased blood vessels communicate with the brain

Patient CareNewsHealthWellness

April 27, 2022
Anxiety and tummy trouble affect each other for kids with autism

Patient CareNewsClinicalNutrition

April 25, 2022
Wearing dentures may affect a person’s nutrition

Patient CareNewsResearch

April 8, 2022
Diagnosing sports-related concussions may be harder than thought

Patient CareNewsResearchWellness

April 6, 2022
How to reduce loneliness: Meaningful activities can improve health, well-being

Patient CareFeaturesClinical

April 4, 2022
An integrative approach to atopic dermatitis

Patient CareNewsResearch

March 29, 2022
Chronic lower back pain linked to atrophy in pain-related brain regions

Patient CareNewsClinical

March 25, 2022
Vagus nerve stimulation lowers costs of care for children with uncontrolled epilepsy

Patient CareNewsClinicalResearch

March 3, 2022
Resistance exercise may be superior to aerobic exercise for getting better sleep

Patient CareFeaturesClinical

February 28, 2022
Peak performance: Overtraining syndrome diagnosis and treatment

Patient CareNewsWellness

February 24, 2022
Walkable neighbourhoods can reduce prevalence of obesity, diabetes