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Maria DiDanieli   

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Feb. 21, Birmingham, UK – On April 20 and 21, 2013,
Activator Methods will bring the latest in chiropractic innovation, including
the Activator V, to the United Kingdom.

Methods offers hands-on training
as a regular part of its seminars, and during this visit,
we are particularly pleased to present the opportunity to use the new,
state-of-the-art Activator V. 


this two-day seminar, our highly trained Activator instructors will lead DCs in
a practical evaluation of their technique as instructors work with you in
small, dynamic groups.  There are
three training tracks:


Basic curriculum is the foundation of The Activator Method.  Instructors will lead you through the
Basic Scan Protocol, considered the cornerstone of the Activator Method. 


Method’s Intermediate program will prepare you to quickly address complex
issues and to know where, when and when not to adjust.  With a focus on extremities, you will
learn how to identify and manage injuries and complaints, as well as an
objective, evidence-based understanding and management of difficult sacropelvic
dysfunction.  You will also learn
refinements that will allow you to rapidly locate and correct resistant
vertebral subluxations and facilitation patterns. 


Advanced Activator course – featuring an entirely new curriculum – includes
state-of-the-art methods for diagnosing and treating the feet, ankles, knees
and hip joints.

completing this seminar, DCs will return to practice with renewed confidence,
efficiency and improved results.

more information, including dates for Canadian seminars and to register online,
visit us at .


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