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Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and the Institut Franco-Européen de Chiropraxie sign a memorandum of understanding to collaborate in research and education activities

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Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) has signed an official Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Institut Franco- Européen de Chiropraxie (IFEC) that formalizes a five-year partnership among the two institutions to collaborate on research, develop joint courses and exchange staff for teaching and research.

“This agreement provides extraordinary opportunities for research collaboration, in particular with the Force-Sensing Table Technology (FSTT®) and the CMCC-UOIT Centre for Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation. CMCC and IFEC have a history of collaboration and now, through this agreement, we reinforce that relationship and foresee exchanging/training graduate students, sharing of faculty through adjunct appointments, and potentially sharing of curricular content,” commented CMCC President Dr. David Wickes.

The scope of the MOU includes research collaboration and joint publications of scientific papers, joint applications for research funding, adjunct appointments and exchange for senior researchers in addition to the exchange of faculty and development of joint courses that will meet the curricular needs of both institutions. The partners will work collaboratively towards these objectives and others, drawing on resources from within their institutions to support the overall goals of the agreement.


Dr. Olivier Lanlo, Directeur Générale of IFEC is excited about the potential that this memorandum holds. “CMCC is a model for the majority of the chiropractic colleges worldwide. IFEC’s staff members have enjoyed a beneficial history of collaboration with their CMCC colleagues. This MOU is a step forward to expand and diversify our collaboration within a formal framework, recognizing that sharing good practice both in patient care and education is vital as increasing the quality of the services offered to our communities and our students can’t be done without strong collaborations. Both institutions share a strong commitment to advancing chiropractic research and evidence-based study. Through the MOU, we will increase opportunities for first-class research as well as student and faculty exchange.”

The MOU is also intended to create new opportunities for graduate and undergraduate student mobility, such as articulation agreements, pathways, internships, and fellowships. Dr. Silvano Mior, CMCC’s Director, Research Partnerships and Health Policy led the CMCC team in finalizing the Memorandum.

“Agreements such as this are vital to enable our shared pursuit of new research agendas to inform patient care. We look forward to advancing international collaboration within research and education and in providing new and exciting opportunities for graduate students who may soon work with counterparts in France in towards a common goal,” added Mior.

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