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From the Editor: September 2016

Mari-Len De   


Positive spin

I always liked hearing and sharing the “good news” with readers, and in this issue we have two great stories that demonstrate how health care initiatives have greater chances of success when patient health and well-being are the driving factors.

Our cover story (page 22) provides an update on the Ontario health ministry’s Primary Care Low Back Pain pilot project. Chiropractors continue to shine in this two-year initiative as patients and other health-care providers involved in the pilot sites get a glimpse of the many great things chiropractic can contribute to patient care given the right opportunities.

Caring for the community has always been one of the traits I admire about chiropractors. This is one of the reasons why we decided to launch our annual Inspire Awards. Going outside their clinic walls to help out a cause or educate the people about their health and wellness is something that comes easily for chiropractors.


A few months ago, I read a news article about a group of chiropractors opening a free clinic at a homeless shelter in Brantford, Ont. I knew right away it was a story worth sharing with our readers. Kudos to the Brantford Welcome In Resource Centre for facilitating and hosting the free clinic, and giving many people the chance to experience and improve their health under chiropractic care. Many of these individuals have never had chiropractic treatment before and may not have been able to afford it otherwise. That story is on page 30.

Speaking of positive developments, let’s congratulate our wonderful DCs who have made the trip to Rio this summer for the 2016 Olympics, whether as an athlete (Dr. Josh Binstock, beach volleyball) or members of  Team Canada medical team (Drs. Alban Merepeza and John Vargo). Read our story on these Rio 2016 chiropractors, “Living the Olympic dream,” on our website.

I know many of you have some of your own feel-good stories and I hope you’ll share them with us. Connect with us by e-mail, through our Twitter account @canchiropractor or through the Canadian Chiropractor Facebook page.

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