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Glide While Feeling Only Comfort

By Footmaxx   

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30, 2008 –
winter give your patients the support they need with Premium
Ski/Skate orthotics, available exclusively from Footmaxx™. Designed
specifically for those who ski or skate, this style of custom-made
orthotic provides support, control and shock absorption.

brushed synthetic suede top of the Ski/Skate orthotic adds grip while
decreasing friction. The arch support is designed for proper edging
with skates or skis and has a narrow fit for tight-fitting boots and

Metascan™ diagnostic system gives you an efficient and scientific
means of assessing your patients’ need for orthotics. With an
innovative method of diagnosis, the Metascan provides the best in
technology to help you give the highest quality of patient care and


Footmaxx orthotics are custom-made for each individual patient and
designed to provide maximum biomechanical control. They offer
excellent motion control without added bulk. Footmaxx orthotics are
handcrafted for people who require better foot function in everyday
activities from work to play. They are f
irm enough to provide
control, yet flexible enough to offer all-day comfort.

more information about any Footmaxx orthotics,
us toll free at 1.800.779.3668 or visit our website at
Footmaxx is here for all your diagnostic needs and is committed to
providing quality orthotics for your patients.

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