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PONS seminars in Toronto and Edmonton

Maria DiDanieli   


Jan. 26,
Toronto, Ont.  – Dr. Ian Horseman
invites DCs to learn about PONS, an integrated system of advanced neurological
protocols merged with practical postural correction principles.

stands for Postural-Ocular Neural Systems.  Dr. Horseman has been collaborating with many prominent
doctors in the profession for 17 years to develop this system.


“PONS, in
Latin, means gateway,” says Dr. Horseman. “Our focus has been to merge some of
the best and proven methods and present them in a easy to implement system.”

Now, Dr.
Horseman invites DCs to learn how to better help patients suffering from many
conditions such as concussions, fibromyalgia,  headaches, anxiety and stress through these advanced
neurological protocols. This system is delivered in two parts and is scheduled
to be presented in Toronto and Edmonton this spring.

Part One

Part 1 of
Dr. Horseman’s seminar will include neurological concepts, functions of the
right and left brain hemispheres, phylogenetic and functional divisions,
rehabilitation exercises, vestibulo-ocular reflexes, posture
balance concepts and spinal adjustments and rehabilitation procedures to
improve neurological function and posture.

30, 2013, Four Points Sheraton, Toronto Airport,

20-21, 2013, Edmonton Chiropractic Clinic, Alberta

 Part Two

 Part 2
will include the importance of posture from a neurological and biomechanical
perspective, adjusting procedures to impact both cervical and lumbar lordosis,
the importance of the cervical and lumbar curves, BAM
principals and case studies.

May 18,
2013, Four Points Sheraton, Toronto Airport

15-16, 2013, Edmonton Chiropractic Clinic,  Alberta

check with your local jurisdiction regarding CEU details.  For further information on, or to
register for, these presentations, please visit

 As well,
Dr. Horseman will be presenting an overview of the PONS system at the Quality
Hotel and Suites in Toronto on February 12, 2013.  This even will be hosted by the York-Peel Chiropractic
Society – please contact Dr. Brian Moore at
for details


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