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The Marvel of Miracles

By John Hinwood DC   

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Two of the greatest words in our vocabulary are ‘expect’ and ‘miracle’.
These words awaken the power of expectation and make possible the
enriching qualities of hope, desire, enthusiasm and excitement that
unfold into a rewarding and purposeful life.


Two of the greatest words in our vocabulary are ‘expect’ and ‘miracle’. These words awaken the power of expectation and make possible the enriching qualities of hope, desire, enthusiasm and excitement that unfold into a rewarding and purposeful life. By expanding our level of expectation, we expand and increase our miracles. Our level of expectation sets the limits for our life. If we only expect a little, then that is exactly what we get. We can change ourselves, and the world, by our level of expectation.

Miracle is a big word and to some, expecting a miracle would seem ridiculous. But then, that depends on your worldview, your mindset and your understanding of miracles.


Here is my description of a miracle: A miracle is a wonder or a marvel. Miracles can be big or small and they all have the effect of changing a person’s perception on life.

Many people expect miracles to be huge and be related to God or some higher power, but most miracles are every day events such as seeing a baby smiling for the first time, or an act of kindness by a stranger. These are the miracles that are most remembered because they are spontaneous, emotionally connected and have a lasting impact.

A shift in focus
Most of us, in our various lives, are conditioned to expect the worst. However, the simple act of expecting the best – a miracle – can be enough to turn around people’s lives for the better.

In his great book, As A Man Thinketh, James Allen said: “What the mind of man can see and believe, it can achieve”. A shift in focus from where a person is currently, to where they would like to be, can be a truly momentous moment. Anthony Robbins, international author and speaker says we can change our emotional state, and change our destiny, in a heartbeat and I believe this is a truth.

Purpose and values
To start, we all need to find our life’s purpose. Often, I think, people struggle to find passion in their lives because they have never really articulated what their life’s purpose is. Many people live their lives as ‘wandering generalities’ as Zig Zigler says. They don’t hone in on anything other than earning enough money to put food on the table, transportation, some entertainment, maybe a holiday now and then. And they’re envious of others, frustrated and occasionally ignorant.

To create your very best day, you need to understand what your purpose is to start with. You need to articulate it, write it down, as well as your vision and your mission for life.

Importantly, also have your values written down. I read my values every day. I have ten main values that I live by. I also have 16 affirmations, and I know those affirmations absolutely, however, I still read them, every morning at the start of my day. That sets me up to having an outstanding day every day. So, when things come along that create something that to many people could be a downer or a negative, I’m already prepared mentally, emotionally and spiritually to handle those things.

Being prepared doesn’t automatically mean I never fail. We all need problems because without them we don’t grow.

Recognizing defining moments
One portion of discovering our life’s purpose involves recognizing defining moments that come along, and acting upon them. Events happen for a reason, and as soon as you accept that you will see every setback as an opportunity, and every moment as a revelation, things start to change in a positive way in your life.

One of my defining moments came when I was aged three. When I started to walk at about two- and-a-half, I had real trouble. If I tried to run at all, I would just fall flat on my face. My parents took me to the family doctor who said: “This boy is exceptionally knock-kneed”. Back in the late forties, knock-knees were seen as an orthopaedic disease. People who had knock-knees were looked upon as being people who would turn out to be almost crippled, or destined for life in a wheelchair.

A famous Sydney surgeon of the day told my parents: “This boy is so badly knock-kneed that within two or three years, he’ll probably be in a wheelchair. But what we can try doing is to make him wear these very big built-up boots. He can never go barefoot. And every evening, you’re going to have to put these metal splints onto his legs, and he has to sleep in them”. So, I wore those metal splints every night over the next two years.

But, that day, when I heard the doctor speak those words that could have put limits on my life, something turned on inside me and I decided that I would, as Nike says, ‘Just Do It!’ I would do what I had to in order to fix my knock-knees and  I also decided, on that very day the surgeon made his pronouncement, that I would excel at sport – that I’d prove his pronouncement wrong! I would beat this sentence!

This story leads to another life lesson – only ever accept victory in your life. If you receive a ‘no’ answer, you haven’t asked the right question yet.

Words not TO live by
Many people live the life of a victim. It is consuming and energy-depleting. They are into ‘lay blame and justify’.  They are into denial. They are into excuses and reasons. In life, they see only two things – reasons or results. But, if you want results, then you had better set about and create them. And, you need to expect miracles.

Remove the word ‘try’ from your vocabulary. As Bob Parker said: “Try is fighting with honour”. It is not the mark of something you choose.

You either do it or you don’t do it. Yoda of Star Wars fame said, “Do or not do, there is no trying”.

Also remove the word ‘should’ because ‘should’ is actually a judgment word. If ‘should’ ever appears in my mind it just never gets out of my mouth. It gets swallowed and disappears.

Recognizing a miracle
Miracles are amazing things because they appear and happen in people’s lives but are, sometimes, not even recognized. They are so busy looking for the mountain, they miss a small miracle that can be a lynchpin to create something major in their lives. Your miracle starts with each and every day you are alive.

I’ve experienced lots of failure. My wife and I were married for 18 years and never had any children. It just never happened. But then in 1985 we experienced our parenting miracle. We went from Australia to Chile and, in various orphanages, found three older children whom no one else wanted, and adopted them. Potential parents in Chile only wanted babies and these children were two boys, seven and nine years old and a 10-year-old girl. The boys were elective mute, and our daughter was just ‘out there’, massively extroverted and physical in order to protect herself and survive.

Our children knew 50 words of colloquial Spanish when we found them. They say illiterate people in our society know 1,000 words. Our three children had huge amounts of catching up to do to join their peers in the mainstream.

We taught these children to speak English, read and write, and understand values, how money worked, the need in life to work hard, help others and the importance of family. We raised them as our own. We brought the family back together again, as the boys had been separated from their sister for four and a half years and today we are proud grandparents.  The miracle that transformed our chosen children’s lives was the miracle of love. All our family, friends and patients loved them unconditionally.

A community of Chiropractors and Miracles
I believe that we all have had miracle experiences at some point in our lives and I ask that you take the time and post at least one story on our website ( to enrich the lives of others. Creating a positive energy focus, the ‘Expect A Miracle’ community is quickly generating a collection of inspiring stories that are being shared with an ever-increasing worldwide community. Compounding, compounding, compounding-spreading words of positive healing energy, the growth potential is enormous. Your story, or stories, may give others a new lease on life. The world continually needs a good dose of positive thinking.

Over the past 21 years, I have handed out about 70,000 little white cards to people throughout the world. The cards have just three words written on them: Expect a Miracle.

Many people I give a card to, regardless of their station in life, turn the card over to find it blank on the back, with no name, no advertising, no gimmick; purely a message of hope. After a pause, I say: “Would you like a miracle?” They almost always say: “Oh yes!” It is amazing to see the change in people’s being upon receiving the card and reading the words: ‘Expect A Miracle’. Some people who receive the card show a glimmer of hope that it is possible for their life to be better than it is right now. It can be a hugely uplifting event for some.

You can visit our website and print off some Expect A Miracle cards and start handing them out.

My wife Dr. Judy Hinwood says: “Let’s at least be seed-sowers”. She says miracles are the flowing of spirit from virtual reality into the physical five senses of reality in which our bodies live. It is a simple message to digest.

Abundance abounds. There are plenty of miracles for us all. When you are totally open to receiving miracles, it’s astounding how they find their way to you and you become a ‘miracle magnet’. If you continually ask for what you really want in life, the funny thing is you will often get it.

If enough is enough, make a positive change.  Be successful in this lucrative business for yourself.

Here are my tips to creating your own miracles:

  1. Think, talk and act positively in all circumstances. No matter what!
  2. Ask yourself, whenever you face a challenge: “What would be the best outcome in his situation?”
  3. Find time to just sit and put your brain into freewheeling mode, just let it run free – busy brains sometimes miss miracles!
  4. Miracles don’t necessarily come with a clap of thunder or a flash of lightning. Sometimes they come on tippy-toe.
  5. Go with the flow. Sometimes, at first sight, the miracles we get don’t appear to be the ones we want.
  6. Miracles come when you least expect them. Make them welcome whenever they arrive.
  7. Help others get their miracles and it’s amazing what a positive life
  8. you create.
  9. Look for the miracles around you – the beauty of a rose, the smile of a child, when you see the miracles that already exist, new ones arrive.
  10. It’s OK to ask – miracles are for everyone and we all deserve them.

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