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Well Adjusted Babies, revised and edited

March 26, 2010
By Maria DiDanieli


22, Melbourne, AU – Well Adjusted Babies,
by Jennifer Barham-Floreani, is a best-selling, unique and comprehensive guide
for holistic parenting from pregnancy through to early childhood. It is now available,
revised and edited, to practitioners and parents alike.

products-wabAstounded by the lack of
information on chiropractic, particularly in books relating to parenting, Dr.
Jen (as many colleagues and clients know her) wrote this book for parents,
chiropractic patients and fellow practitioners. The new Second Edition of Well
Adjusted Babies
includes additional chapters, published case studies and
the latest health research.


is a sensitive, touching and beautiful book about conception, pregnancy and
delivery from a chiropractic perspective. The reader will be enthralled with
the candour with which the author tells her journey and the passion she brings
to the, at times, very sensitive subject matter.


Dr. Gilles LaMarche, Canadian chiropractor and vice-president of Parker College
of Chiropractic, “Well Adjusted Babies
is innovative in its natural approach; a book that every parent, potential
parent and health care practitioner must read. From the first paragraph to the
last page, Dr. Jen shares information and insights based on her professional
knowledge and personal experience as a doctor and mother. If the masses read
this book and follow the suggestions, in less than a decade we would have a
healthy generation – yes, you read correctly and I mean that sincerely. This
book is the answer to our health challenges, and the solutions must begin with
how we care for and educate our children.”


fact, Well Adjusted Babies has so captivated the public it has actually
been identified as an Australian Best Seller. This is a remarkable achievement
for a book and should be a source of great pride for the chiropractic

About Dr. Jen

Dr. Jennifer
Barham-Floreani is a mother of four, chiropractor (recently awarded both
Australian Chiropractor of the Year and Victorian Chiropractor of the Year),
business owner and writer. Jennifer's work is respectful yet thought provoking
and encourages parents to define their own health culture. The material she
presents is both informative and entertaining.

Jennifer is married to a
chiropractor and raises her children with strong health principles. Adjusted
since birth by her chiropractor father, and growing up in one of Australia's
largest chiropractic families, Jennifer is not new to wellness philosophies.

She is passionate about
holistic parenting, which she believes requires constantly sourcing knowledge
on how to nurture her children's health and well-being. Jennifer does not
believe this style of parenting happens by default but rather that it requires
both commitment and stamina.

For more information on the volume, Dr. Jen or purchasing, please visit  Alternatively, Well Adjusted Babies is also a
Parker College of Chiropractic Share product – practitioners can order
the book by visiting

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