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By David Singer   

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As the founder of the Foundation for Wellness Professionals in the United States I would like to inform chiropractors in Canada how they can not only join the “wellness revolution,” but lead it in their communities. The foundation I founded has had volunteers in every state in the U.S. and affiliates in most Canadian provinces.

We have been asked to be the wellness providers for Amtrak, which is the federal train system in the U.S., and Chrysler as well. So I feel it is appropriate for chiropractors to get involved with a movement that is changing health care in America, and is only now coming to Canada.

The wellness revolution focuses on the idea that lifestyle related illnesses now make up the vast majority of health problems people experience. Yes, it is true contagious diseases still exist but health problems that most people deal with, from heart disease, type II diabetes and obesity to headaches, back pain, insomnia and fatigue, are all caused or aggravated by a person’s lifestyle.


There are three major factors in a person’s lifestyle that directly affect their health. They are: what people eat; how much stress they have and how they deal with it; and how physically active a person is or is not. These factors are directly related by research to a majority of health problems.

It is interesting how these three factors – diet, stress and exercise – are interconnected. Processed foods are depleted of vitamins, enzymes and minerals. Research shows if you are under stress while eating, you can lose up to 50 per cent of the protein, vitamins and minerals that would be absorbed had you not been stressed when you eat. Thus, stress and nutrition are connected.

Research further proves that just a 10-minute walk a day prolongs life, reduces stress and helps prevent many serious health problems.

As a chiropractor, how does this all come together?

If you were to get involved and lead the wellness revolution in your own community, it starts with deciding to offer solutions to poor nutrition, stress and lack of exercise as part of your practice.  

Simply printing out the Mediterranean diets or even the Paleo Diet – both available from the web – provides a basis for improved nutrition.

If you check a person’s blood pressure lying on their back and it shows a BP of 120/80, have them stand up and take the blood pressure again. It should naturally rise to 130/80. The systolic pressure rises if the stress glands of the body, the adrenal glands are functioning properly.

Nearly 80 per cent of patients fail this test due to adrenal gland exhaustion. Persons with exhausted adrenal glands can have the following symptoms: fatigue, insomnia or interrupted sleep, digestive problems of every nature, an inability to lose weight, reduced immune protection and even estrogen-related imbalances. Fifty different hormones are released by the adrenal glands. At times of stress, the adrenal hormones activate the fight or flight mechanism which reduces digestion, reduces the immune system actions, and causes numerous changes to body function.

If stress is prolonged, as it is for many people, health problems will result – unless something is done to improve the function of the adrenal glands and reduce a person’s stress.

Prolonged stress contributes to 80 per cent of health problems related to doctor visits. Poor nutrition and lack of physical activity contributes to their problem.

To provide wellness care, one needs to add to their chiropractic care advise on good nutrition, how to improve adrenal function while having methods to reduce stress and, finally, have exercise sheets that support not only spinal health but overall physical activity.

Business, churches, clubs, groups and organizations are always looking for advice that would improve the health and productivity of their employees or members. Knowing how to provide an assortment of programs – from workshops on stress reduction to injury prevention, weight loss to proper nutrition – can open doors for your practice and chiropractic, in general.

A recent Palmer College five-year study determined that chiropractors share a small fragment of the health-care market of around eight per cent. The reason is that most people consider chiropractors as back doctors – and only that.

To increase your market share, you need to be perceived as the person to go to if you wish to become healthy, not just to end back pain.

Join and lead the wellness revolution in your community, you will be happy you did.

Dr. David Singer, DC, is a recipient of the Parker Seminar Lifetime Achievement Award, for his efforts to further the chiropractic profession. For the last 33 years, he has been helping fellow doctors succeed in practice as a chiropractic consultant.

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