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CCGI launches podcast series for chiropractors

September 18, 2017
By Canadian Chiropractor staff

CCGI podcast series hosts Dr. Kent Stuber (left) and Dr. Gaelan Connell

The Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Initiative (CCGI) has launched two new online resources aimed at helping chiropractors better care for their patients.

The first is a new podcast series, hosted by Drs. Kent Stuber and Gaelan Connell, airing every two weeks. The podcast will discuss topics important to chiropractors including:
• How to build a successful evidence-informed practice
• How to encourage your patients to take better care of their health
• How to use social media to promote best practices
• How to get involved in research

The first podcast episode goes live Sept. 19 with their first guest, Dr. André Bussières, assistant professor at McGill University’s school of physical and occupational therapy and CCGI project lead.


The CCGI also launched a new video on how to build your own YouTube playlist for patients, using the CCGI exercise videos. This handy tool presented by Dr. Gaelan Connell shows clinicians how to easily tailor exercises to their patient’s needs, and helps patients with their self-management.

CCGI videos are available at

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