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Chiropractic for the World headed to Africa in 2012

Maria DiDanieli   


25, DeWinton, AB
– Chiropractic for the World, a registered charity dedicated to affecting the
health of each individual by bringing chiropractic to peoples around the globe,
is planning two mission trips to Africa in

the height of environmental consciousness, chiropractic is the “green” approach
to health. Chiropractic for the World Foundation is led by a group of dedicated
and committed chiropractors from across Canada who have the desire to take
chiropractic to those who need assistance around the world. The foundation
presents an opportunity for benefactors to give to developing countries in a
mindful way.


more than thirty years, the foundation’s directors have supported chiropractic
colleges, charities and developing countries. Past president, Dr. Paul Bickert,
has founded two publicly-traded corporations – one reaching thirty thousand
shareholders and a market capitalization of three-quarters of a billion
dollars. He later converted that wealth to philanthropic giving after his

founding director of Chiropractic for the World is a graduate chiropractor with
years of professional education and clinical experience, and with a thirst for
ongoing continuing education in cutting-edge research. Their projects are
carefully selected through research that provides critical insight to the needs
of each region.

by each member’s passion to serve mankind through chiropractic, Chiropractic
for the World is committed to leaving a legacy of service, health and hope to
each region/nation they touch.

to the generous support of donors, Chiropractic for the World will be
conducting a trip to Ghana
at the end of January 2012. Thousands will be receiving chiropractic care
and some of the mission’s donors will also have the opportunity to visit the Offinso School,
which was inaugurated in 2011 and was made possible through the efforts Dr.
Bickert and others dedicated to bringing education to Ghana!

September 2012, Chiropractic to the World will be taking a chiropractic team to
the capital city of Kigali (population of
one-million) and to a women's shelter in Rwanda. The shelter has been set up
to empower women and children affected by the genocide. 

more information about Chiropractic for the World, including how to donate
and/or participate in future mission trips, please visit

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