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DC Appointed as Research Professor in B.C.

Maria DiDanieli   

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Feb. 26, Vancouver, BC –
Chiropractor Dr. Paul Bishop has been appointed, by the International Collaboration
on Repair Discoveries (ICORD), to act as the new research professor in Non-Operative
Spine Care at Vancouver General Hospital
and the University
of British Columbia.  Bishop plans to focus his research on advancing
the use evidence-based non-surgical spine treatments in centers across Canada.

Bishop is currently the only Canadian to hold the three doctorates DC, MD and PhD.


clinical trials and basic science research studies that evaluate the
effectiveness of all current non-operative treatments for spinal pain are
underway,” says Bishop, “I believe this will quickly lead to the development of
a Canada-wide network of non-operative spine clinicians who will provide the
highest standard of care to their patients.” 

five-year appointment was made possible through a research award by the Ontario
Chiropractic Association (OCA).  The
majority of sites for Bishops multidisciplinary research will be in Ontario.  

Ontario Chiropractic Association is dedicated to supporting research that
demonstrates the value of chiropractic health care to patients,” notes OCA
vice-president, Dr. David Brunarski.  “By
supporting the work of Dr. Bishop at ICORD, we are helping to define and
advance the future role of chiropractors in health care in our country.”

(Source:  Ontario Chiropractic Association)

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