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EXSTORE Assessment & Treatment of Professional Football Players

Mari-Len De   

Features Education Profession

DATE: Spring 2015 in Regina, SK

COST: $925 CDN



• Learn the EXSTORE Assessment System Functional Musculoskeletal Scans for Upper and Lower Extremities.

• Learn how Dr. Lombardi uses the scans to assess musculoskeletal injury in less than 2 minutes.

Learn clinical secrets to finding the root cause of common forms of
knee pain, low back pain, neck and shoulder problems in active
professional and retired professional football players of all ages.

Learn advanced manual muscle release techniques in active and retired
professional football players focusing on myofascial tissue, sclerotomal
structures, and on motor and sensory cutaneous nerves using your hands
and manual soft tissue tools (provided for you).

• Learn to
appreciate and understand the soft tissue changes that are present
during an active career and then conversely observe, assess, and treat
the trophic changes which transform the soft tissue and sclerotogenous
tissue of a retired professional football player years after leaving the

• Learn Dr. Lombardi's "INSTANT" Myofascial Techniques
used to instantly improve functional benchmark movements: push ups,
bench press and squats.

•Participants will
enjoy 8 hours of hands on practice over both days with 6 of those 8
hours on several REAL local active professional and retired professional
football players to maximize learning and retention.

presentation by an active professional football player, a player retired
10 years, and a player retired 30 years as they discuss the physical
and mental changes that occur in their bodies over the course of the
years. They outline their declining level of function and Dr. Lombardi
draws parallels which treat and help delay and improve the degenerative
effects of professional football.

Those interested in this course please email so we can get an idea for what venue to select.

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