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EXSTORE Functional Assessment & Myofascial Release Treatment of Bodybuilders & Weightlifters

By Dr. Anthony Lombardi   

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Instructor: Dr. Anthony Lombardi
Date: October 4-5, 2014
Location: Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA
Venue to be announced
Register NOW ($809)
Note: This is NOT an acupuncture course it is for all manual therapists.

•Learn Clinical Secrets to finding the root cause of
common forms of knee pain, low back pain, neck and shoulder problems
in weightlifters.

•Learn the EXSTORE Assessment System Functional Musculoskeletal Scans for Upper and Lower Extremities.


•Learn how Dr. Lombardi uses the scans to assess musculoskeletal injury in less than 2 minutes.


advanced manual muscle release techniques for bodybuilders on
myofascial tissue, sclerotomal structures, and on motor and sensory
cutaneous nerves using your hands and manual soft tissue tools (provided
for you).

•Learn Dr. Lombardi's "INSTANT" Myofascial Techniques used to instantly improve pushups, benchpress and squats in weightlifters.

how you too can generate patient referrals through your clinical
results just like Dr. Lombardi – he averages 12 new patients per week
and over 600 per year!

will enjoy lots of hands on practice over both days using several REAL
patient-bodybuilder/weightlifter athletes who will have ACTUAL clinical
musculoskeletal conditions.

•Special Presentation by a Pro
Bodybuilding Judge who will teach you what bodybuilders want from
treatment and specific ways you can provide it.

•Cost: $809
•Enrollment Is Limited
•Registration includes EXSTORE Assessment & Treatment Courseware

Dr. Anthony Lombardi has seen over 87,000 patient visits over the last 12 years using functional assessment and treatment approaches. He has a regular column in Inside Fitness Magazine which helps
bodybuilders and weightlifters maximize their performance. This magazine is published in Canada, U.S., Australia, and 10 other countries. In
2013, Dr. Lombardi was selected as one of five chiropractors nominated for Chiropractor of the Year in Ontario out of a possible 4,291
chiropractors, in recognition for his work with EXSTORE and functional
treatment approaches.

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