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Industry News – Impulse Adjusting Technique Seminar, Toronto

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Feb. 4, Chandler, AZ – Neuromechanical
Innovations (NMI) invites all licensed DCs to participate in its Impulse
Adjusting Technique Certification Seminar to be held at the Grand Hotel and
Suites in downtown Toronto
on March 13-14, 2010.

course is focused on teaching DCs about the research-based, no nonsense Impulse
Adjusting Technique through workshops and will include practice growth oriented
didactic training.

consult with provincial/state regulatory bodies regarding CE credits for this


NMI provides
educational training in the Impulse
Adjusting Technique®
at more than 25 seminars each year in most
major US cities, Toronto and Calgary,
and other international hubs where its research-based clinical protocols are
taught.  A postgraduate Certification in
Instrument Adjusting (CIA) designation can be earned through these training




The Impulse® family of
adjusting instruments was prospectively born out of research.  To improve upon the traditional spring-loaded
activation devices, the waveform of the Impulse Adjusting Instrument®
was optimized to emulate the half-sine wave of a manual thrust – but 100 times
faster – producing more bone movement with less force (JMPT, 2005, 2006).

Impulse® was then shown to
produce a wider range of forces for clinicians to choose from and more
vertebral motion during an adjustment in follow-up research (JMPT, 2006).  The multiple-thrust
feature of Impulse® was also found to increase mobility by 25  per cent over single thrusts (Chiropractic & Osteopathy, 2006).  These features along with single and dual
stylus’ and preload indication, with the affordable cost of Impulse®
($789 U.S.)
are responsible for its exponential growth in the chiropractic industry.

Computerized Adjusting – Impulse iQ®


The Impulse iQ Adjusting Instrument® is
the first validated computerized chiropractic adjusting instrument in the
world.  Measurements obtained from the
instrument were validated to a gold-standard biomechanical assessment and
published in the prestigious orthopaedic journal, Spine (2009).

Impulse iQ® houses a motion sensor within
its nosepiece which is connected to a computer microprocessor inside the
instrument allowing spinal motions to be measured non-invasively.Auto-Sense®
technology of Impulse iQ®
tunes adjustments to the natural frequency of the spine
while providing the clinician with audible and visual biomechanical feedback
about the body’s response to the treatment. 
As motion improves during the adjustment, the iQ
® recalibrates the adjustment frequency in real-time
to keep up with the patient’s new motion pattern, and thrusting stops when
motion has been maximized. 

About the Company

Innovations (NMI) is a research-based medical device manufacturer of the
patented, FDA registered, and UL listed, Impulse® family of
chiropractic adjusting instruments. 
Founded in 2000 by Dr. Christopher Colloca, NMI has grown to become the
recognized leader in Instrument Adjusting within the chiropractic industry.  The Impulse instruments are in use in over
5,000 chiropractic offices, including offices in all Canadian provinces, every
state in the USA,
and over 40 countries around the world.

Based in
Chandler, Arizona,
NMI’s intellectual property includes over fifteen domestic and international
patents and trademarks and more than twenty scientific articles have been
published on its Impulse family of adjusting instruments.


nmi_logo_newFor more information about Neuromechanical
Innovations and the patented Impulse Adjusting system, and/or registration
details for the Impulse Adjusting Technique Certification Seminar to be held in
Toronto, please
visit or
call, toll free, at



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