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June 5, Morristown, NJ
Dr. David
Fletcher, Canadian DC, Chairman and Chief Clinical Officer, Chiropractic
Leadership Alliance (CLA) announced today the new COREscore reporting
opportunity for practices. Using scientifically developed technology that
precisely detects where and how deep the problem is,  the COREscore measures spine and nerve
tension that is damaging your patient’s health, and delivers a score that every
patient can understand.

by chiropractors for chiropractors,
the COREscore removes guess-work from the equation and puts validated,
repeatable testing in the doctor’s hands. The COREscore is part of the new
CLARITY solution from CLA that provides both doctors and their patients,
on-line, 24/7 access to their Insight reports and scans. CLARITY is a
cloud-based platform that provides the doctor and their staff Insight and
patient communication training, market visibility through their new consumer
site , patient retention strategies and
wellness solutions.



To learn
more about COREscore and the CLARITY solution, visit us at  or call 800-285-2001.


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