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NexySoft Now Integrated with ImaSight

Maria DiDanieli   


Jun 14, Gatineau, QC – NexySoft, a leading electronic health record (EHR) clinic management software developer, and ImaSight, a pioneer in digital X-ray imaging systems and software for chiropractors, are pleased to announce the full integration of their respective technologies.

"We are thrilled to integrate our digital X-ray technology with yet another EHR total practice management software solution,” said Steve Johnston, vice president and co-founder of ImaSight. “NexySoft is helping healthcare professionals all over the world reduce their paperwork and automate daily tasks, and now those same professionals have the ability to seamlessly integrate the handling of digital X-rays directly into their workflow.”

Now that integration has been achieved, NexySoft users can now avoid having to re-enterpatient data (reducing errors), process patient X-rays faster, incorporate and view annotated X-rays from directly within their EHR system, and attach X-ray images directly to patient files. ImaSight's digital X-ray systems empower chiropractors to go beyond talking to their patients and give doctors the ability to communicate with them by providing the patient with annotated X-rays, illustrating both diagnosis and prognosis.


"Our software has helped numerous healthcare practitioners manage small, medium, and large volume clinics in the effort to serve their patients better and to increase their clinic's efficiency" commented Jean-Luc Trépanier, president and founder of NexySoft. "We are excited to integrate the digital X-ray technology from ImaSight, a proven leader in the digital X-ray market, and provide our clients another avenue towards automation and the streamlining of efficiencies."

To see all other functionality of NexySoft software and learn more about how it can increase the efficiency and profitability of your clinic, schedule your online presentation at  To learn more about ImaSight's additional EHR integration efforts, and to see ImaSight’s powerful digital annotation software in action, schedule a no-obligation webinar at

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