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Robert and Riekeman Lead Philosophy at WFC Congress

Maria DiDanieli   


October 24, Toronto – Past news on the World
Federation of Chiropractic’s 10th Biennial Congress to
be held in Montreal next April 30 to May 2 has focused on keynote
technique and clinical science speakers. But this meeting, co-sponsored by the Canadian Chiropractic Association, also has an outstanding program on the philosophy of chiropractic and health care.

The theme of the 2008 WFC Biennial Congress is "Celebrating Chiropractic in the 21st Century".

One session has these
three leading authorities speaking on whether the biopsychosocial
model should be the philosophical model for all health care:

  • Serge Robert, PhD
    Professor of Philosophy, Faculty of Human Sciences
    University of Quebec at Montreal, who has lectured and published
    prolifically on the philosophy of science and health since the

  • Guy Riekeman, DC,
    President, Life University, Marietta, Georgia, USA, one of the
    chiropractic profession’s most dynamic and popular lecturers.

  • Alan Breen, DC PhD,
    Professor of Musculoskeletal Health Care, Anglo-European College of
    Chiropractic, Bournemouth, England. Dr. Breen gave an
    enthusiastically received philosophy lecture at the Paris Congress
    in 2001 – few are as wise, and have such good power points.

This session is moderated
by Dr. Gerard Clum and includes panel and audience discussion. Dr.
Clum later moderates a second session which opens with a lecture
titled Teaching Philosophy in Chiropractic Education Today
Ashley Cleveland, DC MA from Cleveland Chiropractic College, Kansas
City Campus. Dr. Cleveland, whose master’s degree is in English,
comes from a college known for its strength in philosophy and is an
extremely articulate and compelling speaker on this subject.

She is followed by the
Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College’s Howard Vernon, DC PhD
speaking on Acupuncture and YogaTo What Extent Do They
Have A Similar Philosophy Of Health To Chiropractic?
Do you know?
The answer to this? Come and hear from someone who does and is always
entertaining. Third speaker in this session is Gilles Lamarche, DC
formerly of Canada but now fulltime with Parker Seminars in Dallas,
Texas and, as a highly successful clinicians and lecturer, is talking
on The Role of Philosophy in Chiropractic Practice.

Finally, keynote speakers
at the Saturday plenary session that ends the academic program
include Dr. Gerard Clum, President, Life College of Chiropractic West
and Past President of the World Federation of Chiropractic. His topic
is Where We Have Come From and the Road Ahead. Few who have
heard Dr. Clum would disagree with the conclusion that he is one of
the most compelling speakers of his generation.

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